Hello 2014! please be kind.

right. as if an inanimate ‘object’ could do something for me.

ultimately, it will be about us and our choices. and, i think, that’s what’s in store for me this year. a lot of choices. black dress o ball gown? charot! hahaha

i feel i’ve changed a bit. i don’t think i really get older on my birthday. i think i get older during the new year. maybe because we see more and expect more changes when we transition from one year to the next. parang may fresh start. just like mondays.

and yet we dread mondays. bakit? ano kina-ibahan ng enero sa lunes? pareho lang silang simula.

my guess is this: january has a period of preparation — december. monday has a period of slacking around — the weekend. nobody wants to work on a weekend, right? siguro ganun. siguro mas handa tayo sa enero kasi ‘nakapag-handa’ tayo dahil may isang buong buwan ng disyembre para gawin ito. sa weekend, wala tayong ginagawa. we consciously avoid work. if you are religious, you are commanded to avoid work. kaya madaming ‘lost’ sa lunes. kasi madaming hindi handa. tayo din naman ang may kasalanan — hindi tinatapos ang trabaho. kaya minsan, parang ang lupit ng mundo, ng araw, ng mga linggo at buwan, sa atin.

so, 2014, i’m greeting you gladly not because i’m prepared. but because i want to welcome everything you hold in store for me. i’m sure i won’t like everything but i only ask that you be kind.

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