leftovers pizza

if you’ve got a lot of little stuff, you get one big mess. but if you know how to put them together right, you might just have something delicious!

presenting: leftovers pizza!

leftovers pizza

actually, it’s not just the pandesal that’s leftover. the tomato and bell pepper were as well.

i bought P20 worth of fresh pandesal without checking the pantry and realized that i didn’t eat more than 2 pieces of the P20 worth of pandesal bought the previous day! so just to spice things up a little bit, i thought of doing more than the usual.

i just basically put tomato paste on the halved pieces of pandesal and added cheese spread on top. i sliced one tomato (leftover) and red bell pepper (leftover). i would’ve preferred green for added color but we didn’t have any. neither did we have onions so i couldn’t add some. i grated some more cheddar on top and put the whole shebang on a hot pan with the lid on top. then i thought of drizzling olive oil on top so i did. 🙂 the result was a so-so breakfast bread. not the usual and plain salty bread at least. if there were more ingredients available, this might be good enough to serve to guests, if i say so myself. hehe. besides, i was just going with the flow here. no preparation, no recipe. just looked at the ref, went along with what i had in mind and voila!

i won’t say “give this a try” if i were referring to the recipe. but i would say “give this a try!” for the technique… you never know what your imagination could whip up in 15 minutes. 🙂


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