ma-Angel ang Pasko!


so, walang sisihan ha? nagpa-una na ako. 😉

alam niyo naman siguro ang usual na slogan ng Jollibee tuwing malapit na ang pasko. at ang default endorser/sponsor nila ay walang iba kundi si Aga Muhlach. para nga naman swak sa “MaAGA ang Pasko sa Jollibee” slogan diba? the basic idea of the slogan is that we bring Christmas to less fortunate kids by donating toys and gifts to them way before December 25. it’s a noble cause that i think everyone should try to support, specially with the people affected by the recent typhoon in our country.

then again, there are other sponsors out there who are more direct in their gift-giving.

it was A’s ‘free’ day because she had her Annual Physical Exam done. and since she finished early, she had more free time and didn’t want to stay at home. then early evening, A called me at work to “apologize” because she “used her bonus to buy clothes and gifts” and then asked me what time i was going home. while she was saying this, i was thinking, “ano na naman kaya binili nito?” with a hint of frustration… “back to the old ways” i thought to myself.

nevertheless, since she inquired about my ETA, i decided to take a cab home. pagdating ko palang, medyo nagulat yata dahil medyo maaga ako. di yata inexpect na dadating ako agad. di pa daw siya nagluluto ng spaghetti kasi pinapa-thaw pa yung giniling. then a sudden shift in her behavior — from suprise and worry to sudden excitement. yung kulang na lang eh magtata-talon sa tuwa?

she pulled my arm towards the dining table and showed 2 small packages neatly wrapped on top of each other. one was obviously in a box and the other was relatively flat. they were for me! slightly feeling ashamed for what i was thinking earlier that night, i was hesitant to receive them. but the overly-excited giver was smiling widely at me. how could i resist?

after a whole lot of negotiation and begging me to open them immediately(my lines were, “di naman talaga saken yan eh!” and “sa Pasko ko na lang bubuksan.” yes, nakuha ko pa talaga mang-asar. haha!) i obliged and opened the flat one first. then the smaller box. you know what i got?

seiko5automatic21jewelsi was trying not to be speechless and pretended not to care (as much) for the gifts. i even tried to show disappointment for her choices of gifts for me. but i’m not made of stone. i still try to put up the hard facade on but what i am inside right now is mush. i’ve pined for the kobo glo for ages, researching about it at work during idle times. and as for the watch, it’s one of the ‘luxuries’ that i was willing to spend on but not right now because i didn’t think i could afford one. and then in one fell swoop, A comes in to save the day and hands them to me. and that, i am truly thankful for: a loving and thoughtful partner in life.

thank you for the early Christmas gifts, hunny! ❤


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