i just started to feel bad right now after posting one of our Christmas decors at home on Instagram. i started to think how insensitive it must be with all the devastation around after typhoon yolanda/Haiyan swept through Visayas leaving this behind:

(image from

how could someone celebrate Christmas knowing your fellow pinoys are homeless and starving? there are a couple of things running through my head, as well. gusto ko ba talagang tumulong kaya ako magdo-donate or is it just a mechanism for me to feel less guilty for ‘celebrating’ Christmas? masama ba talaga kung mag-decorate ka ng bahay dahil magpapasko na kung may kalamidad tulad ng Bagyong Yolanda? what’s the limit to the ‘celebration’ and merry-making without worrying about being too ‘mayabang’ or insensitive about things? if i were a victim of a calamity such as this, would i blame or be resentful of people who would celebrate rather than help? would it be better to celebrate and appropriate a donation amount or just not donate but not celebrate/decorate either?

i don’t think that there is an actual protocol on what is socially acceptable. there aren’t any rules. i guess it would depend from person to person what they think is acceptable or not. there’s probably no cure for this guilt except, perhaps, prayer.

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