to car or not

A and I have this transportation conversation often. Whenever we go out — grocery shopping, meeting-up with friends, parties and occasions (birthdays, weddings, christenings) — we talk about, most of the time, getting a car when we get home. The convenience of just having to get in a vehicle and go wherever you want when you want to and not walk for long distances with the crowd of fellow 9-to-5-ers, comfortably seated and cool with your air-conditioning.


But taking the ‘rational’ opinion, i easily become the ‘kontra-bida’ in these conversations. living in a 50-sq.m.  house without any provision for a garage meant either leaving the car under the sun and rain on the street in front or removing part of the house to make room for the garage (which meant more money to spend!). then there’s the annual registration, possible repairs and maintenance, and fuel costs.

then there’s question number 2: brand-new or not-so-brand-new? the brand-new car allows us more flexible terms and lower monthly payments (here, i say that we will pay 100k+ more than the SRP of the car in the long run) but a 2nd-hand car costs less and saves us a bit more money (and here, i say that it’s older, we’re not sure history of use/abuse of the car, prone to breakdowns, etc.) which brings the conversation to a halt because A is already cross with my negativity. 😛

but in reality, i do want the convenience of a car. i want to drive to tagaytay on a weekend just because. i don’t want to be stuck in the office waiting for the rain to stop because cabs are mostly occupied. i don’t want to be rushed carrying the grocery bags as i transfer from the jeep to the tricycle and into the house. i don’t want us to carpool anymore with college friends who probably go out of their way just to drop us off to our destination or to the MRT. i only ‘rationalize’ because i want to convince myself that i still can adapt and i’m just not committed enough, that i’m just a whiny little kid who can’t handle some little inconvenience. ma-reklamo lang ako at masyadong pa-sosyal.

i grew up with the convenience of a vehicle — a bright red ’77 Toyota Tamaraw. mas matanda pa sa amin ng ate ko! hahaha! i guess di ko na hinahanap kasi na-experience ko na eh. A, however, did not. and she tells me how she feels as she narrates those times she and her parents would be left at some event hitching a ride with some other family member or get stuffed into an already-packed jeep. i experience it now, and start to feel a bit ‘kawawa‘ myself. but i still try to convince myself that 1. it’s OK with my friends because they are generous, and 2. they don’t think any less of me just because we don’t have a car. if it’s just them i’m concerned about (i.e. showing-off), then i have no reason to get a car. but thinking of how i inconvenience them with their own car, that gets me to worry a bit. is it a compelling enough reason?

medyo mahaba lang ang post today. pero alas-8 na. kailangan na umuwi. magko-commute na naman muna ako dahil mahal ang taxi. magastos. pwede na ipang-hulog sa bahay o kotse. 🙂 (for my daily commute dilemma, i’ll post something in the future about it. i think may solusyon na ako. 😀 )


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “to car or not”

  1. you do have valid points. owning a car is a big responsibility especially in the phils where I realized a car should be well-maintained due to the traffic conditions there. And your wife has valid points too. having a car of your own is a basic necessity when married. it just makes life easier as you do your errands and travel to see friends. i think in the end, you will have a car of your own, it’s just a matter of when.

    side story: the husband and i still commute to and from work and use our car during weekends or road trips. we decipher on when our car should be reasonably used. when we know when it’s easier to commute to a certain place (decision is based on traffic, parking etc), we leave it at home or at a parking lot near the train station. we find a balance where we don’t become too dependent on travelling via private transport and being smart on when to use our car.

    1. i think it’s easier to manage lalo na if maganda na nga sana yung public transport system. yun nga lang, volume ng tao ang kalaban sa commute. i’m actually fortunate i go against the flow of the majority of the crowd. pero ayun nga, kapag may mga pupuntahan na, di laging option ang taxi kasi parang di sulit talaga. and you’re right, ibyang. it’s just a matter of when na lang talaga. 😀 thanks for your insight!

    2. I agree. There should always be a balance. I didn’t always bring my car when I was still working as, taking into account gas and oarking fees, it’s still cheaper to commute. I use it mostly on the weekends as it does provide a hude convenience.

      I think it would be best for you try to think it over first. It also helpf if you have an emergency fund in store for those unexpected expenses. =)

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