the good and the bad

today might just be like any other day when you have a mix of the good and the bad.

i didn’t sleep well. by that i mean i slept late and woke up early but not early enough. i still didn’t get enough sleep so i’ve been having sleep debt. nape feeling stiff and eyes burn a bit. even feel like starting to get stuffy in the nose.

the good part is i’m making good progress on my programming in scilab. feeling proud, actually. even if i’m just merely translating my boss’ programs from another language. still, it feels fulfilling.

one bad thing. bills due for payment.

good thing we finally have our salary today. yey!

bad thing is it all went to paying the credit card bill. boo!

another good news is that A is in high spirits. she’s been stressed and getting sick with work and it’s great to “hear” her on our chat today that she’s feeling quite swell. i hope this continues.

it’s almost time to go home and it’s still raining. but it’s a good thing i used my trekking sandals! i love them!

but generally, i’m happy.

how did your day go? with its own ups and downs as well?


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