gotta keep blogging!

i’m trying to rekindle the fire of blogging. so i’ll be posting everyday things again which probably means most of the coming posts will be quite short (but not so sweet) and primarily gibberish. 🙂 so bear with me.

day 2 on listening to the oral arguments in the supreme court on the RH Law. deyum, CJ Serreno, that was an awful hard question! that was a shocker. still, i needed a few minutes to formulate a good answer. proves what a great mind replaced CJ Corona. touche. (this was day 1 with Atty. Concepcion Noche). maybe i’ll do a longer post on my own answers. 🙂

day 2 with Atty. Liban and i think the counsel of the petitioners are good but kinda slow. and sometimes a bit irresponsible with their words. though quite exaggeratedly represented in mainstream media, those things coming out of atty. liban’s mouth about maternal deaths were cringe-worthy to me! *sigh* WORDS are important, atty. liban. this is how we are branded as narrow-minded… not selecting words properly to get our messages across.

and in other matters, i thought i was going to be comfortable with python as a programming language. then i tinkered with scilab today and can’t seem to decide which path to take. heto na naman ako sa “jack of all trades, master of none” thing ko. puro basic knowledge, walang expertise. medyo mahirap yata yung ganun.


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