Pacific Rim is Awesome!

before anything else: SPOILER ALERT!!!

After attending the Latin Mass in Sto. Domingo Church, A and I decided to have the rest of Sunday in a place we’ve not been to for quite some time now since our big day.

we went to SM North via jeepney from Sto. Domingo Church and we really wanted to watch Despicable Me 2 because of the minions! but the earlier screening times were full (e.g. 5:40 PM was full when we arrived around 4pm) but other good movies were available and Pacific Rim was the latest of the movies to come out.

we went in earlier than usual since it was free-seating (no assigned seats) so to pick the good ones, you had to be one of the first ones.

i was actually expecting the cinema to be full just before they start the movie but the ones in front remained mostly empty. i started to doubt and wonder if we had chosen the wrong movie to watch.

minutes before the start, i decided to get drinks for the popcorn we bought. (yeah. not enough planning) so when i got in, the prologue was already being narrated. but i think that was part of the movie trailer so i didn’t have to think or imagine what that was.

not everyone i know liked the movie. some say it’s just another mindless Hollywood action film. others say it was epic with all the destruction. other friends thought it to be shallow. but i say it was awesome for specific reasons.

first, i dislike the parts where i feel like i’m missing a lot. i don’t think it was just because i missed the first parts. i think it was because it had so much content that back stories couldn’t fit into the movie. a series would’ve been better for the whole story to unfold. which brings me to my second point: i believe it was written to be part of the mecha/tokusatsu genre of the japanese and not the hero movies of the west. this must be the reason why it is doing better overseas than in the US. with that in mind, this movie left the fans of the genre drooling with wide smiles after the movie ended.

finally, this movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, wanting to squeeze everything from the chair’s armrest at some points in the movie and just want to root after the Jaegers but not like in Real Steel. this was different because the human race depended on it. you hold your breath and cross your fingers most of the time. šŸ™‚

despite this, i still got ‘bitin’ with the story, it was natural for me to search and research more about it online. it made me want to dig deeper and wish for them to create and explain the universe where the Jaegers and Kaijus exist… and what other stories prior to the closing of the portal were there. How did the other Jaegers and Kaijus evolve? What politics were involved between countries attacked by Kaiju? which Kaiju attacked Manila? and did the Philippines have any Jaeger or was there any Filipino Jaeger pilot?

the last two questions are more important to the Filipino fan rather than question why the movie shows Manila with Kaiju poop and that’s the most exposure we had.

if you are a mecha/tokusatsu fan, this is going to blow and blend your brain into smoothie. if you’re not a fan but a movie critic, there are giant holes that need to be filled that may require a portal. if you want a feel-good movie, go watch something else. šŸ™‚


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