not my weekend

i get fewer and fewer blog posts every month, i think. maybe because i’m happier and i can talk to someone every night now. 😉 it used to be that most of the time, conversations in my head (or monologues) come out when i write them here because they aren’t released anywhere else.

i digress.

my bad weekend started friday when i noticed that my tillandsia’s leaves were falling off. pinching the root-end of the plant, i felt that it was soft and mushy, which turned my curiosity to fear.

i pinched throughout the body of the plant and confirmed what i was dreading: my plant succumbed to root rot. i couldn’t say what lead to its demise. it could be one of the whole bunch of things that i did to it: tying the end leaves, its shaded spot, the soaking. i really felt bad about it, not only because it was a rather expensive plant but because i had grown fond of it and thought that i could collect more. now, i’m afraid i would be a bad ‘parent’ for such a plant.

saturday came and it was a productive day. i had cleaned a portion of the house and discarded a lot of stuff that were just sitting there gathering dust. i find it empowering to be able to let go of stuff and it feels nice to see your house gain a little more space. you feel less constricted and more relaxed — how a home should feel.

then came the nightmare.

sunday afternoons are really meant for resting in anticipation of (drum roll please) MONDAY! little did i know monday stress would come earlier than expected. about 10 hours early.

around 3pm, clouds started to hover around as they did yesterday and sent us refreshing showers. a thunderstorm was quite welcome because the summer heat was beginning to piss-off a lot of people. it rained hard and i thought it was perfect way to relax on sunday to cool us down. i was out in front of the house playing with the rainwater flowing down our roof to the ground when i heard A’s panicked voice calling me, shouting “yung kama!”

i thought it was just a little drip in the bedroom but what i saw was a huge waterfall inside the bedroom from the ceiling! i unplugged the electric fan and handed it to A to bring outside. sparks were already coming from the A/C outlet (it was running when i left A to sleep in the room) and jumped to turn it off. i went outside to turn off the breakers connected to the room’s sockets and started to direct the water into the CR with the dustpan and a bucket.

i’m a bit thankful that we stored clothes in those plastic boxes and didn’t worry much about them. but the wooden cabinet’s base was starting to get soaked with water. it was still full of clothes so i gave up on that. my immediate concern was to limit the water to the bedroom and not let it go through the sala and kitchen. (we have a really small house, you see) A was holding the fort at the door keeping the water away from the sala with her door mats and dust pan. while i was inside getting soaked directing the water to the CR inside the bedroom. we did this for about an hour until the rain had stopped.

after that ordeal, i stared at all the stuff we had and how chaotic everything looked like. the contrast of the feeling i had that saturday against this helplessness was difficult for me to comprehend. in the end, i opted to move the cabinet out of the bedroom to get the water out and clean up. A and i did a lot of mopping and wiping and sorting and there was still dinner. one helpful thing i realize is that we didn’t have power interruption throughout the whole ordeal.

yes, that's my tummy. stop staring!

this morning, just before going to work, i had to organize and clean most of the stuff we had and dry all those clothes that got wet. the bed was hopeless and we couldn’t leave it out to dry as both of us are working. i can’t risk leaving it outside and arrive with the bed even wetter than when i left it as thunderstorms are soon going to be the norm soon.

as of now, the only thing we could do is clean the gutters out and hope that they don’t overflow again. nobody would work on the house not when the rainy season is upon us. one other idea is to chip off the concrete gutter on the side to let the excess water flow out there instead of overflowing into the house. and as a precaution, poke a hole on the side of the room so that if the water still comes in, it’ll just drain off and not spread into the kichen and living area. (this is me taking my mental notes out of my brain. just in case you think you suddenly transferred to a DIY shop blog.)

as i’m typing this, i can now hear thunder from where i’m working. i can’t concentrate and can only think if i protected what needs to be protected enough in the house since the repairman isn’t coming until around 430PM. *sigh*

i need a miracle. and a whole carafe of coffee today just to perk me up.

and what do they say about rainy days and Mondays? oh, right.


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