Moshi Koshi

again, i’m blaming “microblogs” for my absence! πŸ˜›

because of the (premature) opening of SM Aura, droves have been coming to Taguig only to be disappointed because the new SM mall isn’t quite finished yet, honestly. i don’t know why they decided to open it with all the construction still happening. the people who come to see the mall end up crossing the street to Market! Market! and/or Serendra and/or High Street.

last sunday, A and I had to do the grocery at Market! Market! but we were quite hungry since we heard mass at 4:30 PM. meryenda time na eh! so we arrived around 630 already and decided to have early dinner. the problem was because of the large volume of people, our usual tipid-dates (i.e. in fast food joints) were full!

we decided to go back to the more ‘unvisited’ spaces in the mall, the ramen place Moshi Koshi.

we’ve been here before because after watching the Japan episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, we had a hankering for ramen and soba. my personal evaluation of the restaurant was great but A merely gave it a passing mark. it’s a little pricey but food is good.

anyways, we brought ourselves to the store and ordered Katsudon and Kara-age Udon noodles. A wanted rice as she was hungry and i just wanted the soup and to try the other noodles they offered. the Udon was firm and chewy and very filling. The chicken included was a bit on the salty side but went well with the noodles. The broth was familiar but i couldn’t recall where i tasted it before. (I just remembered, it’s like the miso soup from Tokyo Tokyo). the Katsudon the wifey had was really filling. and perhaps because pinoys, like the japanese, have a love affair with rice, it was quite filling and flavorful. (i sneaked in a scoop and a bite from A’s bowl. teehee). there was some tartness from the sauce. might be some mayo-cream blend or something.

the place was never full when we ate there. i dunno if people are intimidated of not knowing what to order or does the relatively expensive food put them off. i say it’s in a nice location but people just don’t come in and take a look. well, A and i did and i think it was a good decision to try out this ramen place in market! market! πŸ™‚ maybe soon we can try another japanese ramen restaurant and we could do something like a comparison. πŸ˜€


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