i started a garden! :)

it’s been a while since i got my hands dirty with soil since i got married. primarily because, well, i live in a place that’s almost all concrete! it’s one of the saddest compromises for living in a city that’s densely populated. there’s hardly room for a tree or any open green space because here, land is one great commodity that’s better to be developed into something that can generate income e.g. apartments than have the “luxury” of a garden.

however, nobody said a garden had to be 50 square meters of land. it could just be 3 square meters of wall space! 🙂 so here i am trying to start my own garden at home.


i adopted the father-in-law’s plants in front of the house (2 overgrown Wax Rose bushes, and 2 others that i still haven’t researched on but i know them.) and water them regularly before leaving for work. then i thought of bringing some of my orchids from pampanga, so i brought 3 of them which i just cut from the parent plants (i think they’re dendrobiums). still, no soil in the hands yet.

as a start, i bought house plants one day: pothos for the bedroom (which ended up in the living room) and a sansevieria for the bathroom. i just said that this was cheaper and healthier than just buying flowers all the time and have them wilt and thrown away after a week.


then finally, last saturday, i went to Market! Market! and bought 3 succulents and an air plant. i chose the cacti and echeveria because they are low-maintenance and the air plant because i was just curious how it is grown. besides, it has a cute flower protruding! 🙂

i also bought potting soil for Php 25.00 and Php 10.00 worth of marble pebbles. i already had a shallow plastic tray/dish i found lying around the house so i turned that into a pot. i put the drain holes with a hot screw. then i eventually found out that i might kill my succulents if there’s too much moisture on the soil… so i had to look for some pumice stones which, fortunately, Ace hardware in SM Megamall had. it’s about Php 80.00 per 2 kg bag. took out the plants, remixed the soil with the pumice and the re-potted them.



as of now, i’m really happy with this small corner of green in the house. i’ve been getting great ideas from the practical gardening blog for the wall as a nursery/garden/work area at home. and it looks like things are just gonna get greener in this corner of the city. 🙂


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