Flying Colors Butterfly Farm

the first day of our Bohol trip nearing its end, we were set to visit a butterfly farm. My guess is this is as common as the petting zoos they have along the roads. this butterfly farm is a little bit different because it’s surrounded by nipa and is elevated. kinda reminds me of our old house in pampanga. well, the actual farm isn’t elevated. the ‘museum’ is. the real farm was a beautiful garden to the side of the hut. 🙂

aside from the butterflies, the minor attractions that greeted us were the turtles (which i didn’t get on camera) and the monitor lizard inside a large enclosure.


after paying the fee (it was Php 20.00 if I am not mistaken), we went into the hut through a rickety bamboo bridge. underneath, we saw the ‘minor attractions’ but my parents-in-law were too worried they might fall into it! lol. after crossing the small bridge, a whole bunch of framed and preserved butterflies greet you everywhere. in the middle of the space, more than 3 dozen butterflies are displayed between two glass panels. i wondered why these weren’t framed like the others with white opaque panels. i got my answer soon enough.

the staff let us have a look first at everything before he called us to have the obligatory “i got wings when i went here” shoot. manong took my camera and had us stand at the opposite end of the room as he positioned himself near the butterfly panel. not long after, we had proof that we were fairies. 😀


not the perfect shot but you get the idea. the butterfly wings were a bit out of focus because of the camera settings. i bet i could’ve done a better job but i let manong do his job. 🙂

to the left of the hut, there were enclosures that resembled chicken houses in green plastic mesh. then manong started talking to us about the life stages of butterflies and moths. showing us the eggs, caterpillars and the leaves that each species ate, and the biggest surprise of my life was when he presented to us the chrysalis of a pupa of the Atlas Moth! it was so huge, it was the size of my thumb… including the muscle on my palm! stagesofabutterfly

i’ve seen the Atlas Moth before quite often when i was a child. we called it ‘mariposa’ in kapampangan. but now, i’m not sure if it was just this or we called both butterflies and this moth ‘mariposa’. hmm…

i digress. finally, we went to the farm where there are live butterflies flying. our guide said that it wasn’t really their season so we will be seeing only about 10 to 20 butterflies that day. he also mentioned that during their peak season, you could ‘swim’ with butterflies around. of course, aside from the butterflies, one thing that attracted me was the beautifully cool garden they maintained for the butterflies and moths to breed in. it was along the highway and it was quite humid and hot outside but the garden was a wonderful spot to stay in and actually rest in. but we had limited time so we took some pictures and were quickly off to our final stop: the Sanduguan monument.


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “Flying Colors Butterfly Farm”

  1. Pareho tayo ng pinasukang Butterfly farm when we were there. I was elated at the sight of such beautiful butterflies. Ang laki and colorful. I had a butterfly effect pic like your wifey has.

    1. cool noh? 🙂 sana nga lang maayos yung focus. parang yung higante effect lang — which i did in one of the bell towers sa churches nila. 😀 na-excite tuloy akong i-post yun! haha!

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