quick rewards

i just read an article stating how goal-setting is important and success is a better teacher than failure or a better motivator to do more of the same thing in the future. and the success that we get with short-term goals are the best way to reward ourselves.

and instantly, i knew what i was doing wrong… and why i was making it worse for myself!

you see, on my way home from work i’d always treat myself to street food along Katipunan. it was the reward i’d have for having slaved all day at my desk. apparently, from my understanding of the article, this could be a short-term reward system for no apparent goal… i was simply rewarding myself or thinking i have achieved some form of success. but what was i rewarding myself for? making it through the day?

so this sort of realization popped into my mind after reading how dopamine makes us happy and how our brain is geared towards making ourselves want more dopamine.

better put that dopamine boost to better addictions and better goals than just going home. 🙂


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