remembering the past

actually, gusto ko lang naman kasi i-remind ang sarili ko about my unofficial motto in life… “never on a Sunday.”

i used to work my schedule around all the other days of the week and keep Sunday clear. when i still lived with my parents and would go home to Pampanga every weekend, i would stay in Manila only until Friday evening and would only sacrifice Saturday if it was only necessary. and when i started to work, Saturday mornings were for work and I would go home by lunch. it was important for me that by Sunday, I would be in Pampanga. i would refuse barkada gatherings that would make me stay late on Saturdays, even if it were for free.

it was not a conscious observance of the Third Commandment. it was just the way i planned things (note i use the word “planned” very very very loosely). i went to mass. i rested. but i still did chores — cleaning, sweeping the yard, gardening, bathing the dogs. and even if i did these things, i had enough energy to last the work week.

now, i could barely make it past Thursday. this week, in particular. today, i’m just draggin myself to the finish line and i’ve still got work to do!

am i just growing old? i don’t really feel old. i just feel tired. or maybe that’s rheumatoid arthitis. !!!

but i have this belief deep inside of me that i should just go back to what i always did and keep everything scheduled around that Sunday that was so precious to me.

i guess that’s my target for this 2013.


2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “remembering the past”

  1. Same here. I try to keep my weekends free. Family and rest are important to me. It keeps me sane and saves society from another cranky person. Hehehe! =)

    It’s a good practice to have. Everyone should have at least a whole day of rest. We’re not meant to become workers all the time.

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