everybody salsa!

this is an uncoordinated grocery trip’s fault. (i have to blame someone, don’t i?)

i usually pass by the grocery on my way home. besides window-shopping, window-grocery-shopping is another favorite pastime of mine. but sometimes, i couldn’t resist buying stuff that i intend to use for the week but end up forgetting about it. i once bought a bunch of basil leaves intending to cook pasta within the week. two weeks later, they’re black inside their container in the crisper.

which brings me to this unintentional thing i made at home:

salsa kapampangan

yep, salsa.

i bought a bag of tomatoes one night because i thought we ran out. never bothered to check the fridge. when i got home, i saw that we still had one big bag of ’em that were never opened! the thing was they were getting pretty soft and ripe. what to do with about two dozen tomatoes!? i decided to brace myself and make salsa. the next time we went to the grocery, i immediately looked for cilantro/wansoy to put it together.

i never made salsa at home because i knew it was hard work slicing all those ingredients. and i also knew that there was this different flavor whenever we would eat it outside. at home, when i mix tomatoes, onions, etc. together, i couldn’t imagine them to taste anything close to the salsa they serve in restos. i only discovered that the cilantro was key. not the chili peppers. 🙂

anyway, you just put everything in a bowl after all the cutting and slicing until you have kalyo on your armpits and your arm is fixed at a 90-degree angle.

about 2 dozen diced tomatoes
1 bunch of cilantro
1 white chopped onion
3 cloves minced garlic
4 green chili peppers (for sinigang) minced
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup cane vinegar

pretty simple because this was a recipe that wasn’t planned. whatever was available at home, i put in. the only ingredient i got specifically for this was the cilantro. i also substituted vinegar for lime juice. didn’t know it needed that until i searched for a recipe online! also, you have to chill this. salsa is meant to be served cold, i learned.

there were no nachos available at home so i decided to use cheese-flavored cassava chips we bought the other day. A thought of using the taco shells we were reserving for a different recipe so we made some sort of vegetarian taco and added grated cheddar cheese to it. it was a stroke of genius what she did! it was so good! tried experimenting further with the cheese spread but it wasn’t as good as the grated cheese.

so, if you find yourself swimming in a sea of tomatoes at home, this is my recommendation. *wink*


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