TTMB: Transforming Tweets into Meaningful Blogs

i’ve always had those strokes of “genius” (if i do say so myself) that i think are worth sharing. my default or go-to was this blog. was.

but now, there’s twitter. i’ve resisted so badly to get one but i finally gave in. sending entries to The Morning Rush via cellphone is expensive and i guess less convenient for the hosts to check even if it’s via computer. twitter has hashtags that you can use as filters to screen the entries. txtjock doesn’t (i think). and so, i got a twitter account primarily for sending entries but found myself more and more involved in tweeting my thoughts.

and then i remembered this video by Scott Hanselman again, declaring “So many people who had great blogs now have mediocre tweets.” i just didn’t want to be part of that group. a little more conscious, i have to be, about what i tweet and what i write… and that i should write and read more. šŸ™‚

my ‘stroke of genius’ was about these planners that are being distributed left and right by coffee and tea shops. Ibyang and I had some discussion about it over twitter. but twitter is so fleeting. blogs are (more or less) permanent and are better to read than just 140 characters. kailangan pa ng interpretation kapag nabasa mo, diba?

anyway, ang points lang naman are: 1.) huwag mag-settle sa pag-tweet. kung ang ideya ay pwedeng i-blog, mag-blog. at 2.) dapat hindi lang puro planner ang giveaways sa mga coffee at tea shops. aanhin ko ang sandamukal na planner for 2013?! sana nga pwedeng plantsa, tea set, orocan… ganyan diba? haha!

yun lang. šŸ™‚

4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “TTMB: Transforming Tweets into Meaningful Blogs”

  1. That’s why no matter what happens, I still blog. Early on, I realised that I shouldn’t lose my discipline to blog because twitter is too fleeting–and it has no archiving! My blog has always been helpful when I want to refer to a certain thought I had. Twitter can never replace the happiness that my blog gives me when I need to go back to a certain moment in my life.

  2. same goes with what you write on FB. minsan hindi na nagegets ng tao kung ano ang purpose ng FB (pero hindi ko din naman nagegets din. alam ko sa games lang siya. hehehe). most often times kasi nagiging blog ang FB. kaya i still try to write the mundane things sa blog. mas free at pwedeng-pwede kang maglabas ng kung ano nilalaman ng puso mo.

  3. hehehe been away from awhile and became active in twitter and IG. kung pwedeng gawing blog na lang yung IG eh ginawa ko na. Good thing wordpress is already available in android which can be linked to our main sites, so blogging can be easier šŸ™‚

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