green chocolate

so, where were we? i got a little sidetracked with other posts and the Christmas break but i have to get back to this. aja!

finally, we got to the “main event” for anyone going to Bohol: Chocolate Hills!


i’ve only read about the Chocolate Hills in my HeKaSi books in Grade School and HS. i used to just imagine how they would look like. being a kid from Pampanga, i just imagined a smaller Mount Arayat covered in brown foliage. it was pretty different and exciting once i got closer though… very different in a pleasant way!

while Kuya Cito drove us, we passed be some of the rather ill-formed hills. they resembled boulders that had plants sticking out of them… like a giant green rambutan! haha! finally, after driving through ShipHaus and the Man-made forest, we arrive at the view deck of the Chocolate Hills!

it was a pretty steep climb to the top. being with 2 senior citizens, we had an easy pace climbing the steps and had breaks in between. it’s a good thing the stairs were designed with resting spots. it was quite a windy day when we arrived so the climb didn’t feel tiring at all. A even got to smile!


and once we got to the top, all around you, you see all these mounds of green and some were brown already. it was relaxing to see all this green! i personally think that it was better to see the chocolate hills during this season and not during their brown phase. it’s nice some of them were brown and you really see how chocolatey the shade of brown they were in!

one problem i encountered though: i preferred to stay on the steps than on  the view deck. ‘why?’ you ask. kasi mas presko sa side ng hagdan! and you get this view you don’t get on the view deck:

chocolate hills

the cute little garden on the slope of the view deck and the big tree frame the hills very well, i think. i wish i had more time to find the perfect angle though. we didn’t stay long actually because the climb took most of the time and we were off to meet our next hosts for the day: the Tarsiers!


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