i miss the random updates

well, well, well… look do we have here! (yes, that’s intentional. :D)

ang tagal ko ng hindi nababalikan ang multiply account ko. and now that i just got back from browsing it, i realized how much more ‘spontaneous’ i was and less formal and ‘professional’ in my blogging. casual na casual lang.

in short, i feel na tumanda na nga ako. (i hate it. haha!)

then again, OK lang din naman. at least i know i’m progressing and not stagnant. though i miss those kinds of posts… the crazy and carefree posts and statii (plural ng status? copyright 2012 by me.) in the form of blog posts.

i do believe na we’ve replaced meaningful blog posts with mediocre status updates and tweets. i think i have fallen into that trap na din in some way and this post is just to remind myself of who i was and what i enjoyed then… not to judge if i’ve become better or worse. basta something lang na pwedeng balikan at pag-isipan.

and so, i guess i remind myself that all those status updates may not mean anything in the long run. but blog posts matter more… perhaps.

i hate it. seryoso na naman ako! haha! hey, i tried to be more spontaneous again. so ayan… ๐Ÿ™‚

bitin ang post na ‘to, i know. but it’s nice to get updated about random things right? but i’m setting up myself to finish the Cebu-Bohol blog series pa din. aja! ๐Ÿ˜€

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