#amalayer – what it’s all about


and cyberbullying.

she may not have shown the proper conduct when she started shouting at the security guard and making a scene, some comments on twitter are just mean and, to me, are no different to what bullies say to other people.

of course, as i write this entry, the major networks are trying to get hold of her to “air her side”. yeah right.

Chris Lao. Robert Carabuena. and now, this girl.

yes, we can make fun of other people’s moments of stupidity and condemn their wrong actions. unfortunately, some people don’t know their limits. i don’t need to know her name, her facebook or twitter account. all i need to know is that her shouting at a guard in public was wrong. but when people start posting her name, her details, her school, and start making all these judgements about other aspects of her life (say as an aspiring VJ), that’s when the (cyber)bullying starts. and sometimes it snowballs until we’ve already judged the person completely without having met him/her. such a sad thing.

sad, sad day.


8 na mga thought (isipan) sa “#amalayer – what it’s all about”

  1. I agree with what you said. 100%. I believe this is misguided justice. People think that they are better than others, that they believe there are doing justice to a wrong done, but they do not know the complete story.

    Yes, it wasn’t right for this girl to have done what she did, but don’t we all have moments like that, at some point or another? Let us not judge. We might have even done worse if we were placed in her situation. We never know.

    1. it’s not easy being under pressure. or stress.
      we all have our ‘buttons’ and it looks like the guard pressed her ‘buttons’ so she reacted the way she did. i will agree that it wasn’t the classiest act (though she claims to be “may pinag-aralan” and only “returning the favor”) and not the best way to deal with the situation. however, just like you Tin, i do not like it when i put myself in her shoes and start to feel like my whole being and personality is judged. specially nowadays.

      hindi tama ang ginawa niya. pero hindi rin tama ang ginagawa ng iba sa kaniya.


  2. I so agree…one of my friend also stated this same thought you have (http://jadehimself.tumblr.com/post/35758782895/amalayer).

    Nung napanood ko din yung natawa ako na nainis, nagtweet pa nga ako na, “Have watched the trending ‘Amalayer’ video. Kumalma ka ate!!! And was reminded that showing respect to others would make you gain their respect too. Hindi kelangan ng diploma para matutunan yun. #akoangtinig” just to realize in the end that what I said was actually a lesson I personally learned from her. So when incidents like this arise, we must reflect on our actions first rather than condemning the one whose mistake is on the spot-light at the moment.

    Kudos for this post! 🙂

  3. I have seen this video just now after the popularity of this video was shown by Vice Ganda in a parody over Showtime. I feel sorry for this girl but you are right, she doesn’t deserve the bullying, and the cyberbullying. I just hope she learns her lesson. She had the chance to bully that guard, and she’s reaping the fruits of her mistake. Only, much harsher.

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