Bohol-Cebu trip – preamble

heto na… heto na… sana huwag na ma-udlot! πŸ˜€

i remember blogging an “intro” to our Malaysia-Singapore trip a few years back but never actually followed-up on the post. nakaka-inis nga eh. i told myself i would document it via pictures and blog — para naman maalala ko experiences ko dun. sadly, i never got to blogging about it… sayang. pero i’m trying to make up for it with this one! maybe i-digest ko siya into little pieces — one entry each for the places we’ve been para hindi naman parang napaka-general na overview lang meron. or maybe i could do that part with this first entry.

or not. basta. blog lang ng blog! πŸ™‚

i’m a couch potato. even if i love sight-seeing, i never get myself off the proverbial couch and book flights to places i’ve never been to. i’m more of a come-what-may kind of traveler. if work requires me to go to Tacloban, then i’ll go. if friends plan to travel to SG and invite me, i’d go if i had the money. but i usually wouldn’t book a flight and plan things by myself… and that’s when i find A (yes, she blogs now, too!) to be a blessing. πŸ˜€ teehee

she booked this trip way back in May and said this would be some sort of delayed anniversary gift for ourselves. and because she has always wanted to give her dad the chance to ride an airplane at least once in his life, we brought him as well as my MIL with us.

medyo nagkaroon nga ng aberya before this. we were originally booked for a September 4, 5PM-ish flight back to Manila. unfortunately, Cebu Pacific cancelled the flight saying it was due to an “aircraft problem”. the only flight from Tagbilaran would be a 10AM flight which would mean we would lose 1 day of touring around Bohol. bummer! A asked for other options and the CSR said that we could have a later flight but we would have to get it in Mactan International Airport in Cebu! in the end, nanghinayang naman kamiΒ  sa pagpunta ng Cebu tapos eh sasakay lang ng pabalik ng Manila. so we opted to extend our vacation for another day and include Cebu in our itinerary. booking the new schedule didn’t cost anything! yey! pero ayun, 3 days VL ang na-file ko tuloy. πŸ˜€ ahehe…

A already arranged for the places where we will be staying in advance courtesy of our Ninang who had their own family vacation in Bohol earlier. πŸ™‚ So all we had to do was pack our bags, go to Tagbilaran and look for the van we hired that’ll tour us around Bohol and Panglao. πŸ™‚

Up next, pictures and blog about our first stop: Baclayon Church.

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