awful DFA passport renewal system!

actually, i intentionally put that to dismiss some people’s perception (including myself). it was pretty awesome and fast! well, from my experience today, at least. πŸ™‚

i applied for a passport way back in 2008 and got my Machine Readable Passport for my training in India. it was very stressful because i was pressed for time. i never applied for a passport before because i never thought i’d need it. the ‘express’ processing then was 12 working days! so i actually missed the first day of the workshop i was attending because i had to apply for the visa afterwards and wait for that. hays…

anyway, after almost 5 years, i need to renew it for another workshop but it’s on October. my passport is only valid until march 2013 — within the 3 months validity required by the embassy for visa application but 2 months short of the validity required by most airlines. after advising with colleagues, i decided to schedule my renewal. i applied online for the schedule and i chose the earliest possible time i.e. today at 7:30 AM.

after a night of thinking, i decided to risk it and go through the visa application with my old passport. the following morning, i tried to cancel my appointment but the system wouldn’t allow me because it was already within 5 working days! and now, i’m really thankful that they have this system in-place that forced me to go today. πŸ™‚ heehee…

i woke up 5:30 AM today in a rush so i could leave by 6 to hail a cab going there. by 6:10 i was on a cab going to DFA along Macapagal Blvd. near SM Mall of Asia. the cab took the longer but apparently more traffic-free route along EDSA and was in the DFA at around 6:35 AM — way earlier than the 7:00 AM they advised in the appointment schedule. and that’s a good thing! πŸ™‚ manong driver dropped me off at the gas station because cabs weren’t allowed to pick-up and drop-off passengers around the gates of the DFA.

manong guard standing by the gate 3 entrance checked my bag and appointment/application form indicating my schedule at the top and let me in and pointed me to the checking station. 3 PC terminals were being manned and i was politely greeted by a lady on PC#2. her face betrayed the sweet greeting… maybe because she was sleepy? but it was a good start. (at least hindi ka sinisigawan o sinesermunan gaya sa PRC.) she pointed me to the waiting/processing area where another guard inspected my bag and form and let me sit on the benches. it was comfortable enough since you’re not standing up while waiting. the industrial fan was already operating in anticipation, perhaps, of the hotter noon to afternoon time and when more people will be coming in.

i think there was no more than 20 people in the waiting area when i got in. i think ate pointed me to the #2 processing area where the line was shorter. in just about 15 minutes, the room was filled with applicants who set their appointments for 7:30. soon, an employee in a cream polo-barong and a goatee started to describe the process, requirements, etc.

around 7:40 a man stood up and asked, in a loud voice, asking when the counters will be opened… when the DFA staff replied, “maya-maya lang po. antayin lang po naten,” respectfully. the man wearing a green striped polo replied back, “sabi niyo 7:00 AM andito dapat kami. on-time kami nandito. we followed your rules. dapat kayo rin.” or something to that effect. and he kept insisting that we start already. he even knocked on the employees assigned to the counters asking, “diba 7:30 dapat kayo nag-o-open? eh 15 mins na diba? bakit yung kabila nagpa-process na?” just as he was asking, the ladies on the other side of the counters rolled her window open and transactions began.

na-share ko lang yun kasi nakaka-inis minsan mga tao. yes, they should open on time because we follow the rules they gave. pero if you heard how he said his complaints, it wasn’t really respectful at all. hindi ka makiki-sympathize sa kaniya because even if he was right, there was so much condescension in how he spoke and treated the DFA staff. pwede namang, “Ser, baka pwede na naten simulan yung processing. madami-dami kami rito eh.” or something like that. hay…

back to my kwento: i have to say that my passport processing was really really fast and hassle-free! people were polite and most of them were in a good mood and smiling! it really pays to be early. πŸ™‚

7:45 – counters open
7:50 – at the counter, processing/cancellation of old passport
7:57 – payment (Php 1,200.00 for ‘express’, Php 950.00 for ‘regular’)
7:58 – get number for picture
8:24 – picture/encoding
8:28 – LBC (for passport delivery)
8:31 – done!

i was lucky that there wasn’t any queue when i was paying. just like the first queue for the appointment, in a matter of minutes, what was empty became almost instantly a long snaking queue! i was number 31 (for picture-taking) and the guy who sat beside me was number 70 already and it was just 10 minutes of waiting! i thought to myself, had i arrived 10 minutes later than i did, maybe i could still be there until 9 or 10 AM just because i was waiting for my turn on the cashier and picture taking! πŸ™‚

so what did i learn?

1. it really pays to be an early bird. good thing i’m a morning person and find waking up early not as difficult as some people. if you can, get the 7:30 AM appointment.
2. be quick. if i walked to the cashier like i was a float in the Rose Parade, it could easily translate to 10 mins of waiting.
3. come prepared. bring a pen and your documents photocopied already. and check if your documents are valid! apparently, though government-issued, NBI Clearances and Postal IDs are NOT accepted. good thing i was just for renewal, they only needed my old passport.
4. be polite! there’s so much hate in the world already. huwag ka na dumagdag. smile! and don’t forget the big C – courtesy.

now, i’m just waiting for my new passport to arrive. had it delivered via LBC na. i think it would cost me more than the Php 120.00 i paid if i had to go back there just to claim it. πŸ™‚ how convenient! so to DFA and this new system, great job!


22 na mga thought (isipan) sa “awful DFA passport renewal system!”

  1. Great to hear it’s getting better at the DFA. Coincidentally, I’m having mine renewed this Sunday at our embassy here in SG. Wish me luck na mabilis lang din sya! =)

    uy, sakto! πŸ™‚ hope nga everything will be smooth sa embassy diyan. best of luck! πŸ™‚

  2. Nung nag renew ako ok naman wala namn naging problema. Yung sa pamangkin ko lang medyo na delay kasi nung pini picturan sya pumo pose sya e. lol! Gusto nya talaga naka pose e di namn pwede.

    haha! feeling niya pang-grad pic? i wish nga pwede. naka V(^_^) ako for sure!!! haha!

  3. I had mine renewed in Vancouver. After 30 mins, I was done… pero 1 hour for passport processing in the Philippines…. Well done πŸ™‚ So much improvement!

    not bad diba? i guess experience ng mga maaaga yun. if you schedule later, it could easily translate to hours of just waiting in line. the process itself is really quick eh. 2 mins max each stop. yung volume talaga yung problem. masyadong madaming gusto lumabas ng bansa! haha

  4. wow medyo madali na pala ang mag renew, yung sa akin di ko pa na renew kasi ina-alala ko ang baka maging abala at wala pa namang travel abroad sa ngayon. after ko ito mabasa, nag-aanyaya na bakit di ko muli ipa renew ang expired passport ko, salamat.

  5. atleast mabilis pa rin di ba?

    Armed din tayo dapat ng maraming pasensya para nd tau matulad kay manong. MInsan kasi may mga hindi maiwasang bagay. I

    Good work Dhey kasi maliban sa complete docs ka marami ka rin dalang pasensya πŸ™‚

  6. Patience is a super virtue nowadays! There are still flaws but I’m glad DFA is improving. I renewed my passport via the Philippine Embassy’s office in Abu Dhabi. Maayos naman but that time it took 2 months dahil nagkaroon ng problema sa system sa DFA. Nagconsistency checking pa ako sa DFA to be sure na hindi sila nagsisinungaling dito. Heehee.

    1. i just saw, from a friend renewing his passport from SG, appointment was 28 august, release is 03 october! so, improvement nga? πŸ˜› hehe… pero siguro little by little eh mag-improve din sila. staying positive! πŸ˜€

  7. Our DFA will be transferred to a mall this week, I hope they will provide better service than the last time on their old office which truly sucks big time with the long unshaded queues.

  8. Were you able to get your passport on time? Just worried kasi I made a rush application last Sept14. I’m expecting to receive my passport early this week kasi 7 working days daw ang process. Pero Friday na wala pa. 😦

    1. I did. And it actually came in a day early! πŸ™‚ If it hasn’t been delivered yet, try contacting LBC about your tracking number. Otherwise, follow-up with DFA. Hope you receive yours ASAP! *cross fingers*

  9. Hi, just want to ask kse magrerenew din ako ng same passport as yours (machine readable passport). I have with me 2 valid IDs (SSS-unified ID system, and drivers license) plus ung old green passports ko. sabi kse sa site bring at least one valid ID and at least 3 supporting documents. eh ang hassle pa kumuha ng nbi clerance, barangay clearance, transcript, etc. Im thinking na pwede na ba ung 2 valid IDs?


    1. i know it says so on the website pero yun lang ang sinabi sa akin while i was renewing: just your old passport is enough. i still brought my driver’s license, company ID, and transcript just in case but i never had the need to show them. i hope all goes well, Jo. and thanks for dropping by!

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