wanting a bed in the office

sorry for the slight hiatus (ugh! don’t we have another word for a short vacay? i really think it’s overused.) from blogging. it’s been pretty ‘busy’ in one front. 🙂

FB friends must’ve seen my post — A had an operation. and the whole time before the operation, we were mostly at the hospital doing lab tests and getting clearances from doctors… and last 8 May 2012, our little “baby” was born… 😛

A was diagnosed with myoma uteri after checking with her OB-GYN. We wouldn’t have known she had one if she hadn’t had an extended monthly period last month. She felt no symptoms of any kind — pain, discomfort — except, perhaps, constipation but we attributed that to unhealthy diet.

anyway, after 2 weeks of bleeding, she consulted with Dr. Mae Syki-Young of Makati Medical Center. she had her do some routine tests — CBC and ultrasound — and asked her to come back for the results and diagnosis after a day.

the next day, Doc Syki-Young greeted A saying that she almost had a heart attack with her results. the myoma found inside her was as big as a baby’s head! Doc said she needed to go under the knife to get rid of it since medicine won’t be of any help with a mass that big.

and so, we got cleared from her allergist (Dr. Manuel Canlas), and a Cardio-pulmonologist, and the operation pushed through. We spend 5 days in the hospital and so i began building up my sleep debt since. (the weekend wasn’t a time for making up for my sleep debt but that may be for another blog entry. i promise, it’s a fun entry. 😀 )

and so, after being released last week, A is on ‘house arrest’. because of the operation (much like a C-section), she isn’t allowed to do any heavy lifting or most of household chores but the doctor advised that she increase her activity gradually as the wound heals.

so right now, my task is to clean her wound everyday, twice a day. before i leave for work in the morning, i clean and re-dress the wound and then do it again when i get back from work. still not done making up for sleep debt since i had to cook food the past couple of days because A still wasn’t up to the task because of her operation that time.

so as i watch my monitor while browsing, typing, and working, my mind slowly drifts into some half-asleep/half-awake state dreaming of having a bed inside the office. *yawn*


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