tongue on autopilot

A has been asking me to ‘train’ her to speak the language by talking to her in straight kapampangan. but i somehow always forget. maybe because i met her as a tagalog-speaking manileña and that’s what’s stuck in my subconscious. but whenever i meet a friend from pampanga in manila, i just speak to him/her in kapampangan even as i greet and ask, “o, komusta na ka?” (“how are you?”). and usually, this happens when i’m with friends who aren’t kapampangan so it feels kinda weird because we were conversing for about 5 mins already before i notice and try to speak in tagalog instead. i don’t know if i should apologize or explain what we were talking about the past 5 mins or so.

no, it’s not being mayabang. and neither is it being insensitive, in my opinion. i just think that God might have given me a tongue that’s on autopilot whenever i meet a kabalen.



2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “tongue on autopilot”

  1. Yung tatay ko pinanganak sa pampanga. pero nung 10 years old na sya lumuwas sila ng maynila at dito na nanirahan. meron sya konting alam na kapampangan pero di sya fluent kasi nalimutan na nya yung ibang salita. Ang natatandaan ko na madalas nya sabihin sakin e “nanong buri mo?” Tama ba yun? hehehe! Anong gusto mo yata ang ibig sabihin nun?

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