i want to be in a car show

the next best thing to owning expensive cars is to drive them. and that’s why i’m often jealous when i watch Top Gear (UK) online.

we have a local magazine here of the BBC program but no local version of the TV show. instead, Top Gear Philippines has snippets of car reviews posted on YouTube and i’m also envious of these guys and would love to be in their place! unfortunately, i have neither car nor experience in ‘performance’ driving so i won’t be able to evaluate cars properly. i wouldn’t know a camel from a Ferrari if asked about performance. i’d just say, “hmmm… i got to the finish line faster in the four-wheeled horse so i guess that red thing is better. but that brown thing has better leather. 100% genuine, i heard.”

funny enough? šŸ˜€

i’m sorry, Top Gear Philippines, but your videos are a little painful to watch. i know, i can’t preach to you because i have no authority whatsoever in either hosting, TV production nor driving. but i’ve watched too many Top Gear videos to notice how bad it is. well, at least according to my tastes. which makes me wonder, too, if the hosts of Top Gear UK are drivers that became hosts or hosts that became drivers? would the hosts turn into better presenters in the future?

also, Top Gear UK are simply irreverent. i guess if we take that characteristic to the Philippines, things won’t be good for the show or the magazine. lalo na’t madamdamin ang mga Pinoy. but i wish there could be some compromise between car manufacturers here and the Top Gear/Summit Media team that they (car brands) won’t hold it against the team if they think that a car is really really really bad! i’m not saying TG Philippines’ reviews become questionable this way. what i wish is that they become “less nice” to the cars they’re reviewing.

so far, what i heard from the test drives are “it’s OK.” and “it’s comfortable” and some more of “wow! it’s got lots of techie stuff inside!” in my opinion, these are good descriptions for first impressions of a car of any driver. so why not get one that could be someone like Jezza, Hamster, or Capt. Slow or maybe get all three? i know, i know. it might come off as “trying hard” to copy the original, but i think that’s the appeal of the UK version. (sorry, i haven’t seen the US version of the show). i think people need to say the things that need to be said in a car review.

actually, what i’m really trying to say is PICK ME to be a Top Gear presenter!!! i’ll be that person! šŸ˜€ hahaha!

i’m irreverent because i’m nobody. i don’t have a reputation in the car industry that would be compromised. i’ll be the sacrificial insignificant lamb who’ll say what those who have reputations can’t/won’t say anything because of ties to car manufacturers. (whisper it to me during the shoot and i’ll blurt it out without revealing your identity! that’s a promise!)

again, i’m saying this out to the universe. but if this comes true, that’d be really awesome. šŸ™‚


10 na mga thought (isipan) sa “i want to be in a car show”

    1. more than the cars, i think i love the three guys in the show. they’re smart AND funny! šŸ™‚ hindi nga nakaka-sawa panoorin. they’re really great at what they do –hosting and reviewing cars. šŸ˜€

  1. hello bursky!
    my husband and i sometimes watch Top Gear UK and i somehow understand what you mean about commenting about cars. based from your description on how top gear PH comments, parang hindi substantial ang commenting nila. for a show like Top Gear, the pros and cons of a car should be presented objectively–yung hindi pa-cute–kasi the show is a reference for those who are interested in buying a car.

    and as for your dream, you know what? you don’t have to be “someone” when it comes to being a host for Top Gear–you only need to have a passion for cars, and passion for learning more about cars.

    1. i think it’s the way the market is set-up here. it’s a car magazine/show for selling cars, not to ‘journalistically'(?) present them to the public. besides, i think the majority of people in the PH take public transport and can’t buy cars naman. šŸ˜¦

      i really find that word really strong: passion. not sure if i have that yet for cars. basta, i’m really interested in cars. šŸ™‚ i don’t know if i’ve found my passion yet. pero sana nga… *cross fingers, waves to the universe*

      thanks ibyang! šŸ™‚

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