melts in your mouth, and on your spoon!

ice cream should be included in the country’s list of essential medicine. or perhaps be named its own food group in the food pyramid.

was there ever anything that a tub of ice cream won’t cure? or is there an occasion that ice cream would find itself ignored or considered inappropriate? even in a funeral, you can serve ice cream!

i first heard about Dan Eric’s ice cream through The Average Jane. her description of it (and the pictures) just flipped the switch in me that told me that i haven’t had really good ice cream in such a long time! but i think i’ve had enough of those “3 in 1 plus 1” types of ice cream that i swore them to eternal damnation. they were “good” but cheap. i wanted good, creamy, rich ice cream this time.

And then came that fateful day: i was just looking for some bread to bring home and use for sandwiches at home at this bakery-cum-sari-sari store near the talipapa. it also had chest freezers in one corner that seemed to hold ice cream and popsicles. expecting the all too common 3-in-1-plus-1 variety, imagine my surprise when i saw a whole line of Dan Eric’s products inside! they had cups, pints, liters, and gallons of ice cream by Dan Eric! i asked the little 10 or 12-year old kid for the price and it was like heaven was shining light over me and blessing me: a 1-liter tub costs P100! the same price as those ice cream we always had!

so in the end, i bought the tub home and hid it from my wife’s view. every night i’d sneak out of bed and retrieve it from the back of the freezer and whisper “my precioussssss!” to it.

haha! of course, i shared it with her and we agreed that it was simply the better ice cream for the price. why would i settle for something that’s like eating ice cream that had the consistency of laundry bubbles when i could have the rich experience with Dan Eric’s ice cream? 🙂 i’m glad The Average Jane blogged about it and i found this corner store near the house. 🙂


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