i have stigmata!

yes! and i pray morning, noon, and night now, and i hear mass everyday, go to confession weekly, and i can cure others’ illnesses!

and i can walk on water.

fat chance! πŸ˜€ though i really wish i could do all those things. honestly! but only a real holy person would be able to do those things. and more so, the manifestation of stigmata!

i could never be that holy. i can try but i can almost say that even if i did, i’m bound to fail because i’m weak. knowledgeable in matters of faith, perhaps, but remain a weakling in practicing what needs to be practiced. ilusyonado lang talaga ako na magkakaroon ako ng ganito! πŸ˜€ still, it won’t hurt to try and try and try… πŸ™‚

by the way, to those who aren’t familiar with what stigmata are, they are manifestations of the wounds of Christ when He was crucified on the cross. so far, i only know of St. Padre Pio who experienced the stigmata and (i think) were part of the cause for his canonization as a Saint in the Catholic Church.

my “stigma” is just a flesh would after scratching my foot too much. so much for feeling holy. i just lied. oh crap! πŸ˜›



  1. i wish your “stigmata” is all better now. when i first saw a docu on stigmata it freaked me out then i saw a skeptic discuss how the pio stigmata was fake. with this thing it is really hard to tell which is which though!

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