another feather in my cap

it’s been a while since my last training/workshop for work. and it’s really been a long time since a workshop was really in my field of specialization AND interest. i like differentiating the two. 🙂

i’ll be away from work next week until dec. 2 for some technical workshop. i won’t be far from work, though. it’s still in quezon city but i won’t stay at the office. i’ll be training for some equipment and software that could help me in my work for possible future projects. masaya naman. staff development naman ito. it’s “another feather in my cap,” ‘ika nga.

pero bakit pa nga ba? i’ve been in my job for the past 6 years and i don’t think i’ve accomplished anything really note-worthy. the 6 years haven’t really been that productive for me. even after some training i’ve been to, the projects i handle remain the same. i try, believe me, i try to do my job as best i could but i don’t think it fits anymore. or maybe i don’t fit in here anymore.

maybe it’s like a marriage. you’re all in-love and excited and romantic at the beginning but after a while, you “get used to it” — being in eachother’s company, seeing him/her naked too many times already, eaten the same food too often, smelling his/her morning breath each and every time you wake up to go to work.

everything about the company — the name, the places, the people — everything is already demystified.

but it’s the same “person” you loved and promised to love. it’s the same institution that you oh-so-wanted to be in. but you can’t leave it, for some reason or another. emotional attachment? too comfortable to leave? economic uncertainty of employment? hay, ewan ko.

so, yeah. i think i’m married to my job.


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “another feather in my cap”

  1. I am being married to my job now, and i am loving it. Balancing career and family is a hard thing to do but one can do two great things in one shot.

    lucky you, sheng. 🙂 kahit haggard, go lang ng go, diba?

  2. OMG i can’t believe you just compared work to marriage the way you did haha. although, there are similarities so i can’t blame you if you compared the two. and i guess, our culture has taught us how to be devoted to our work so leaving a job is always hard to do.

    when i was single, i was also married to my job but that all changed when I got married. i truly appreciate the job i’ve been blessed because i love what i do at work but i see it as something i do out of pleasure and one that shouldn’t interfere with my personal and family life.

    kudos on your training! enjoy!

    yes, i may have been too quick about that. haha! maybe i should’ve tried “getting into UP” first as my comparison. same effect — when you’re an outsider, everything’s perfect. but once you’re in and then see everything in it, including all the skeletons in the closet, you start to wonder why you’re there or why you’re STILL there. aheh… maybe all i could wish for is that i be happily married to my job as much as i am happily married in the real sense today. 🙂

  3. I’d usually encounter lot of staff members in my previous work oftentimes facing the same problem. My advice is take an hour or 2 (more pa if you wish) and list down all the achievements you’ve made in your 6 year career. Keep on adding to that list whenever you remember something. You’ll be surprised sometimes. =)

    Good luck though and hope you feel better soon! =)

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