get her for your make-up artist! ^_^

Jacqueline Galvez HMUi really shouldn’t be the one making this review because i wasn’t the person who experienced Jacq Galvez’s magic. 🙂 all i can say is that the results she delivered were absolutely more than what we paid her.

we already had a couple of referrals from friends who got married first but i wanted A to “experience” a sample of the make-up and maybe see if she gets good vibes from her make-up artist. so we went to one of these wedding expos at the mall and met jacq there. we kind of snooped around first, trying to see if her work matched A’s taste in make-up. since there were no string attached in getting a sample make-up, i coaxed A into trying it out. their session took about an hour so they told me to go around the mall first. (yippee! “Me” time! :P)

after an hour or so, i came back and never saw A again. haha! 😛 i couldn’t crack a joke about her being “mukhang natutulog lang.” baka hampasin ako. hehe…

not being able to claim that this is my strong suit, and not being able to feel how much makeup is caked on A’s face, i can’t make any good judgements on the “feel” of the makeup but as for the look, the wedding and prenup pictures speak for themselves — Jacq delivers!

one quick story about her during the prenup, we scheduled the date on a weekend and it was the time when a storm was passing through! we had some hiccups with the venue/location and they didn’t allow Jacq to get in. after a couple of phone calls, i got the guard to let her in. she had to wait for around 30 minutes and still had a smile on her face when she met A and i. and after the shoot, we had late lunch at the UP-Ayala TechnoHub along Commonwealth. neither A nor i had a car so we hitched a ride in Jacq’s japanese car to TechnoHub! (di na kami nahiya! ahahaha!) and to make things even more awkward, i pointed her to make a U-turn on the wrong slot so she had to go around the QC Elliptical Road, down Commonwealth, take a U-turn at the Tandang Sora intersection and come back to the West-bound lane of Commonwealth! grabe, sinayang na namin gasolina niya, pinagod pa namin sa pagda-drive as if driver namin siya!

the things that make Jacq a great supplier for me is that 1. she delivers. (most important). 2. she’s very polite. and 3. she can relate and talk with clients without being OA. i guess what really worked for us was that she and A had an understanding and perhaps they felt at ease with each other and trusted each other. it wasn’t hard to do that with Jacq. 🙂

oh, and she’s a singer, too. 🙂

view Jacq’s portfolio via multiply site:
mobile: 0917-JGALVEZ (0917-5425839)


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