have you been informed? Christopher Lao strikes anew!

it’s been some months now that Christopher Lao gained notoriety in the world wide web for being called *insert any derogatory term here* by a lot of people primarily of his interview in a news report. because of which, the words “i should have been informed” are now immortalized, along with a bunch of excuses and other stuff. i was one of those who could not believe what he said during the interview and perplexed how a bright young mind could say those things. still, i didn’t go to the extreme of bashing the person or start to call him names. is that my bias for a fellow alumnus? i don’t know. but his public statement to save face did make me respect him a little more. he’s smart when calm. and now, as with anyone who has fallen and been laughed at, he tries to get up and dust himself off and laugh with them.


yeah, it’s clearly painful acting (he can’t seem to contain his disbelief he’s actually doing what he’s doing on camera) but maybe he’s really just “having fun” doing this. or maybe laughing at how an unfortunate event could turn his life around and make him an endorser!

don’t sulk and drown yourself in your mistakes.
don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. thank you for teaching us that Christopher Lao.

i must say — epic win!

got this “breaking news” from Technogra.ph


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