Pet Matters in Dolores, San Fernando

it’s been three months since our little sumi’s haircut. she’s been overly fluffy and furry and her hair is already covering her eyes. her undercoat isn’t that heavily matted but some portions are a bit tangled and need to be combed properly. so we made a trip to the groomer during the holiday monday.

her first grooming session was done in Market! Market! (Animal House?) when A still had her at home. after having some behavioral problems mainly because sumi wasn’t allowed in the house and almost always in her cage, we decided do have her stay in pampanga instead.

so three months after, a haircut was in order. there were only two pet shops along MacArthur highway in Dolores, City of San Fernando: Angeles Pet Clinic, and Pet Matters which were actually just about 200 meters apart.

having no recommendations or internet to look for feedback or even store hours (it was a holiday so we weren’t sure if they were open), we took our chances and drove to Dolores.


first stop was Angeles Pet Clinic. i didn’t get to go in because i was holding sumi. A went in to ask about their grooming services. even if the store was open, A came back saying that we would wait for about 3 hours if we were to leave sumi. we madami na daw kasing naka-pila. 😦

A had a good first impression of the clinic. the place was fully air conditioned and she described the holding area for each dog as having ‘individual cubicles’. maybe a single pen instead of cages? or one table and cage for each? i wasn’t sure. but i would think that they had higher rates because of this setup. maybe we could try them next grooming time.

and so, the pet clinic not being available, we went to see Pet Matters. pet matters is actually more of a pet shop with grooming services and clinic rather than the opposite. there were budgies and rabbits and hedgehogs in front, a wall of aquariums, two small koi ponds, one empty pond with some cockroaches (yes, i saw 2 of ’em creeping), and piles of dog food and other pet food in the aisles, together with pet accessories like dog collars, chains, water bottles, hamster and budgie toys, etc. you could say that it’s a “one-stop shop” for pet needs. oddly enough, i couldn’t find toys for dogs. maybe they sold out.


on the left side, there was a glass paneled air-conditioned room where rows of puppies were kept. inside the same area on the opposite wall, dogs for grooming were kept in cages. the cages looked like they were made from aluminum and were spacious enough even for a dog as big as sumi. the room wasn’t enough, though, to keep the smell from going out. or it could’ve been the food. nevertheless, the odor wasn’t that “nice” when you set foot in the store.

when we asked about the grooming, the answer was the same as Angeles Pet Clinic: 3 hours for grooming as there were other dogs who came before us who needed grooming. having been left with no other option, we left sumi and went to SM while waiting. 3 hours is a long wait. when we went back after about an hour and a half, they’ve just finished giving sumi her bath! ahaaay… and from her first grooming session, i knew it was another 1.5 hours before we could get her. we watched as she was being dried by one of the groomers. clearly the groomers were not that experienced and had little patience for pets. how could i tell?

some observations: i don’t know how you really de-mat a dog but let me just say that the groomers weren’t as gentle as i had hoped and previously experienced with sumi’s first grooming session. the knotted fur near her mouth were being pulled with a metal comb. forcibly. after the grooming, as we were petting her and getting near her snout/mouth, sumi growled at us… that was a bad sign. and pretty unusual. but after recognizing it was A and myself, she wagged her tail and calmed down.

also, though two groomers were dressed for the part (they wore something that resembled scrubs), one was in t-shirt and shorts and both were barefoot!

instead of towels, they use two chamois (or “shammy”) to dry your dog. yep, the one used for cars!

on the plus side, though. the lady groomer who met us at the door was very accommodating. when sumi peed on the floor, she just had someone mop the floor. this happened again as she was carrying her towards us after grooming and peed on her pants! nakakahiya! but still, she was telling us that it was OK. we paid the grooming fee of Php 500.00, relatively cheap for a dog as big as sumi but of course, we didn’t get First Class service though. We even had to ask for a receipt instead of having it issued immediately after paying. now that i look at it, it’s actually just a “sales invoice” instead of receipt. hmmm…

petmatters co sales invoice

so as a pet shop, maybe Pet Matters is the place for you. as a pet groomer, i’d say 2/5 paw prints at best. ate that sumi peed on gets 3/5 paw prints though for being overly nice. πŸ™‚ there’s always room for improvement. who knows, i might actually recommend the store for grooming.


14 na mga thought (isipan) sa “Pet Matters in Dolores, San Fernando”

  1. May pinuntahan kami dati na pet clinic sobrang mahal sumingil Injection vitamis daw yun 1,500 ba namn. Ganun ba talaga kamahal? lol!

    baka that’s for the whole series of shots. πŸ˜€ i think 2k din ata yung kay sumi. that’s vitamins, 3-in-1, and anti-rabies. πŸ™‚ pero kung vitamins lang, exag ha. mahal sobra.

    oi, thanks for dropping by my blog, anney! πŸ™‚

    1. hey patrick! i don’t work for Pet Matters though. 8-month old shih tzu is old enough to be groomed. i hope he/she is well behaved and not easily startled by the blower and clipper. grooming is Php 500.00 dunno if they increased prices.

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