today’s breakfast: corned beef

nothing really new here. it’s just that ever since i’ve been away from home and lived in a dormitory in college and went from boarding house to boarding house after college, i’ve never had a chance to cook my own meals. i only get to cook whenever i get back to pampanga on weekends and i don’t always get to cook. besides, i was still learning how to.

today was different, however. i’m now living “alone” with my beautiful wife. (huwaw! i have a wife! hahaha) today i got to cook breakfast. 🙂

yesterday was spent going to Mass, doing the groceries and made a quick escape to watch “Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank” with A. we had planned to have porkchops while buying from the meat section but we miscalculated the need to thaw the meat from the fridge the next morning! we didn’t have time to wait for the ice on the chops to melt and still be able to cook them on time. i should’ve left them on the lower part of the ref the night before. 😦 so the quickest solution was to get something ‘instant’ for breakfast. hence, corned beef! 🙂

i’m not sure how one could be proud of ‘cooking’ corned beef unless you started from the actual meat itself. but it was just so pretty… and i finally had the chance to be a “chef” like the ones on TV that put parsley on top of everything they cooked for garnishing. LOL!


3 na mga thought (isipan) sa “today’s breakfast: corned beef”

  1. kahit gaano pa ka-simple or kadali ang niluto mo, winner yan! 🙂 ang importante napag-silbihan mo ang maybahay mo.

    p.s. forgetting to bring out raw produce to thaw is a normal occurence at our home that’s why we always have a can or two of spam, corned beef or tuna. yan ang aking mga “emergency ulam” hehe.

    glad you mentioned SPAM!!! gusto ko tuloy niyan… tagal ko na hindi nakaka-kain niyan. or kahit Ma-Ling na lang. 😛 haha!

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