sharing the lurve! ^_^

Update (2012/04/27): I may have spoken too soon about them. Perhaps it’s they “high” you get after seeing something. Anyway, I have an updated review about thorProductions (which affects their other product, thorProductionKids). It’s a sad thing that I have to change my opinion. I’ve stricken-off some of the words I put in the entries. I really had high hopes for this team. 😦


okay, okay… i’m really a shy person. and i don’t like sharing personal things specially on the net. call me paranoid but i really think some things are best left to personal intimate interactions with people physically. however, this time, i think i’m more than happy to share this with everyone. besides, it also serves as an endorsement of our videographer (not that they need more promotion since they’re doing so well, IMHO). 🙂

Randell + Angel from thorProduction on Vimeo.

Searching and Booking

we got to know thorProduction through our photographer, FocalPointPhotography, who had their list of recommended videographers on their website — probably someone who they worked with previously or maybe they had this referral thing going. nevertheless, if it would mean a smoother working relationship between suppliers, then i’m all for it! 🙂

doing some major digging online, we found them to be highly recommended. actually, it was this blog entry (and their posted price at the time :)) that made me hopeful that we could have our photographer AND videographer. (in any wedding, budget will always be the issue. heehee…) but with the D Tisoy N Tangos Show review and after seeing their other videos on their website, we saw how the output was very clean and well put-together which ultimately shows Thor’s and his team’s mastery of the craft.

syempre, their rates have gone up since 2009. i emailed them late January and got a quick reply from Carmela, Thor’s better half. contemplated a bit and discussed with A if we should still get a videographer, robbed a bank, and then set the meetup with Thor and Carmela.

they keep a little home office in Makati for client meetups and work so that was convenient for us. they had their son and daughter with them when we came. naaliw naman ako kasi ang chummy agad ng kids sa amin. nag-do-drawing yung isa habang sumasayaw naman yung isa. 🙂 then Carmela was so apologetic about the house kasi magulo daw and makalat and makukulit yung mga bata. we honestly didn’t mind kasi mas naaaliw kami kaysa naiinis sa kakulitan nung magkapatid! hehe. and they also offered us chips and bottled water na parang mga bumibisitang kaibigan lang kami. 🙂

the ‘negotiations’ were light and i loosened up eventually. the kids were of great help dun, actually. 🙂

again, dahil sa budget, we just talked about the coverage of the event. no pre-nup or any on-site/SDE video. but eventually, with A’s pangungulit, we opted to have the same-day edit video to show during the reception which i wanted din naman in secret. hehe… napa-subo tuloy ako sa acting! hahaha! at least walang dialogue. 😛 hehe

On the Day

big day na. they arrived around 10AM i think. i was too nervous to look at the time and probably worried about something else and more tense about the impending doom wedding. since A was still in the shower, they shot me first. *bang! i’m dead* 😛 katakot-takot na lakas ng loob at sandangkal na kakapalan ng mukha ang nilagay ko para gawin yung mga pinagawa sa akin sa video. i realized it’s one thing to be a serious actor, it’s another thing to be on camera not knowing how to act! i was clueless on what to do and how to do things — facial expression, movement, hand gestures. kung alam ko lang, nag-elective sana ako ng Theater sa CAL. Thor and his team were egging me on naman sa mga kabaliwan na pinag-gagagawa ko dahil lang sa tense na tense na ako. (it was around 1:00 PM and A is still getting her hair done, she hasn’t gotten into her dress yet and the wedding is scheduled at 2:00 PM!!!)

during the wedding and the reception, i had little time to notice what they were doing. and i guess i didn’t need to think about that anymore. with everything happening, i just learned to let go and let our idea of the “perfect” wedding be perfect the way it is. it was out of our hands once the entrance hymn started. after seeing the final product, i guess i have to say that A and I chose well and trusted the right videographers. 🙂


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “sharing the lurve! ^_^”

  1. lovely!!!! naaliw ako. you both look good together.

    p.s. the song you used is a theme song of ours. 🙂

    nice song diba? 🙂 i’m an oldies guy… at least medyo ‘classic’ na modern yung track. ahehe…

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