douche bags in Farmers Market, Cubao

Farmers Plaza in Cubao is undergoing some renovations. I think it’s primarily because somebody already bought it from the Aranetas. but that’s just “sabi-sabi ng mga bakla sa parlor” 😛

i really don’t know why it’s undergoing renovation but i think it’s a welcome change. the place is getting a little brighter with new lights and more shopper-friendly. and now, more stalls are being built, moved or renovated. so tarpaulin covers are used to hide the on-going construction inside stalls. i only have one problem with the tarpaulin:

well, since no one else is complaining, i guess it could only mean (a) people don’t really notice, (b) people don’t know what a ‘douche bag’ is, (c) people who see it and know what a ‘douche bag’ is don’t care, or (d) i’m just being difficult. haha!

ano kaya naiisip ng foreigners na napapa-daan sa Farmers Plaza pag sumasakay ng MRT/LRT? haha.


One thought on “douche bags in Farmers Market, Cubao”

  1. Judging from the way I see the picture, the brand of the bag being promoted is douche bag. Is it the way it is? or is it just my eyes seeing a bag behind the name?

    yup. it’s just a make-believe brand kasi nga gamit lang siya sa tarp to cover the on-going renovations sa mall so they really can’t “endorse”/advertise any bag brand. OK lang yung unnamed/unknown brand ang ilagay na bag kaso iba lang yung dating kasi “douche bag” nga yung nakalagay. haha!

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