old bilibid gates?

again, because of our frequent trips to Divisoria these past few weeks, we would often take the train from Cubao to Recto on the LRT. from there we would take a jeepney into Divisoria and weave through the tiangge by walking. this being quite a long walk, A and I would often take our wiwi break before bracing for the jungle of Divisoria. while waiting, i was able to capture the community right outside the LRT Recto Station. and i just noticed some structure that clearly didn’t belong.

this was apparently a remnant of the old Bilibid Prison which the Manila City Jail didn’t take or probably sold or maybe just left to rot. it’s saddens me that a part of history still left standing is made to rot this way. i know that a correctional facility isn’t exactly the perfect tourist attraction but still, the history contained in it is too precious to let it just crumble this way.

Bilibid 1945, image from here.

I’m not sure if these are the only gates that had these turrets. what i’m sure of is that they belong to the facility and that they are still there today.


5 na mga thought (isipan) sa “old bilibid gates?”

  1. history must not remain just a history, ganito ata tlaga ang Pinas, dapat ang national archives or sana may Administrator ng ganitong mga govt old buildings, sayang…ako man galing ng isang mahistoring opis, na parang bula lang na winawasak ang history at nawalan ng kabuluhan…the old NATIONAL POWER CORPORATION Bldg has turned to become MMDA hotel…nasayang lang…it’s where our power/electrification begins in 1936 pero natunaw na ang history…mindsetting na lang ba..ganito rin ang Old Bilibid Prisons, it doesn’t matter anymore…sayang talaga….

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