San Fernando Metropolitan Cathedral

i just want to share some of my pics when i heard mass one Sunday in the metropolitan cathedral. i usually hear mass in our local chapel but with all the preps, i usually go back to pampanga during Sundays.

here are my greeters whenever i go there: Peter, Paul, and Mary. 😀 well, not the singers though but these guys are as popular i reckon:

peter paul and mary

and here are some pictures of the interior and the dome:

details in the church


i knew that in earlier centuries in the country, benefactors of the church would often be given the ‘privilege’ to be closer to the Saints, or at least be known to the parish, and go down in history as one of the more generous and/or influential families of the time, by being allowed to be buried in or around the parish church. no, not in a cemetery nearby but inside the church itself, usually in the narthex or the part of the church nave nearest the door. what i didn’t know was that we also had these inside the metropolitan cathedral in the city of san fernando! i thought that these were just present in the old churches of manila.



and true enough, even outside the city of san fernado itself, the Hizons, Pamintuans, Singians, and Dayrits still are very influential families.


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