My first Sandy’s Pizza!

what to do in a rainy Thursday evening stuck in the office? order pizza of course! thanks to Car for treating us to Sandy’s Pizza!

it’s my first time, actually, to even know about it. ang alam ko lang eh yung mga common pizza places. pero buti na lang at nanlibre si Car dito and i got to sample three of their offerings: Margherita pizza, Carbonara, and their Tangy Buffalo Wings.

i’ll kick it off with my least favorite: the Carbonara. i usually enjoy eating this when done right for my taste. some recipes are too “malansa” for me, others too runny, and most are just too bland. this recipe had me in a “cha-cha” dance step. i like that it’s not “malansa” and extra creamy but it the sauce was too starchy. was that flour or some hard cheese, i wasn’t sure. so in the end since i could not decide if it was really good or bad for my tastebuds, i’d stay neutral for now until i get a second taste. 😀

the Buffalo Wings should’ve come with a warning: HOT HOT HOT! 😛 but these babies made my mouth water and made me sweat with pleasure (sounds like something else but it’s not that. :P). i was expecting something sweet — like a smoked barbecue taste but the tangy and hot sauce just slammed in front of me without warning! partially because i was expecting something else but i enjoyed that ride. made me go “WHEW! ISA PA!”

how could something so simple be so delicious? the Margherita pizza was just thin pizza dough with sauce, tomato slices, and cheese but i loved the chewiness it had when i ate it. each bite was so good! i don’t think the meaty-chewy part was the dough… i thought it was the melted cheese but i didn’t try to check. that would be disgusting and rude. 😛 it wasn’t complicated and overloaded with toppings, the dough wasn’t ‘crispy’ like the thin-crust pizzas, it wasn’t uber meaty like deep dish pizzas, the cheesy part wasn’t stuffed in the crust and the sauce wasn’t too sweet like it was Pinoy spaghetti sauce but wasn’t as sour as Italians would have preferred. i wouldn’t say it was “perfect” because no such thing exists. basta it was what i wanted in a pizza. 🙂

di naman siguro dahil libre lang kaya ako nasarapan ano? haha! all i know is from now on, their delivery number is on the office billboard for calls when the need arises. 😀

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