“but i packed my pyjamas!”

i think a whole lot of people were anticipating the lunar eclipse this morning. it’s just that not many were willing to do a ‘graveyard shift’ to view the moon turn red. besides, the eclipse happens on a weekday and we all had work that same morning. i had no intention of depriving myself of sleep so when we packed stuff for the overnight stay at the office, i brought my sleep wear with me.

got to the office around 11pm yesterday and mainly logged on to facebook and other stuff. was really sleepy that time already and i thought i’d prepare my “bed” inside the office. but i wanted to see how the Philippine Astronomical Society were setting up their equipment so i invited my officemate and her housemate to go to the roofdeck to check it out.

big mistake. why? because after that, i just couldn’t leave! the moon was so bright and enchanting that i was pretty sure it had some magical effect on me, specially because i had my guard down because i was getting sleepy.

soon, GMA7 reporter Oscar Oida came to interview some of us. good thing i was pretty good in hiding from the interviewer but apparently, i did not escape the cameras. 😀 (kayo na lang bahala maghanap sa akin! LOL) lalo na akong hindi nakahanap ng palusot para bumaba at matulog. and also because the eclipse had started.

the moon was even more wonderful once it started to change color! it wasn’t just white and gray anymore — it was orange-y red! the sky started to reveal more stars and we were “losing” our shadows that the moonlight caused prior to the eclipse.

eventually, after seeing this astronomical event’s ‘peak’, i excused myself and had to head for the office. i really needed to give myself those precious few hours of sleep i could get. and now, with barely 2 hours of sleep time, my mind’s afloat and my nape aches. but as for the experience, i just wish i had discovered this earlier so my young body could bear the abuse of these all-nighters. and i wouldn’t need to pack my pyjamas! 😛

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