Iridescent Clouds




Iridescent Clouds over Sto. Tomas, Pampanga.

I keep another blog, like most bloggers i know. 🙂 this one’s a bit ‘special’ because i try to chronicle stuff from my hometown. it’s getting filled little by little but traffic’s not coming in and only few ‘readers’ today. most, so far, download the stuff i have on (e.g. our town’s logo) but still, i’m happy i’m putting it on the net. hopefully, the posts will be useful in the future to other people.

as for the last post, i just thought i’d share it directly rather than rewriting the material. 🙂 click the link above for what i saw today in our town. maybe you’ve seen it in where you are and just didn’t know what it was! (pansin ko, madalas na ako mag-picture ng mga bagay sa langit ngayon. LOL)