panic panic panic! fun fun fun!

just a couple of days to go… and i’m panicking!!!

no invitations printed yet but the design’s pretty much done. all i need to do is print the pages and stuff them in envelopes and send them off to the guests!

got the inspiration (actually i decided to copy almost everything because i wasn’t in the mood for any creativity brainsqueezing) online but i just can’t remember where. 😛

having had some experience with GIMP, i put this together with some free fonts and free brushes from the internet.

the missalette’s done and will just require the approval of the parish priest. the Marriage License is being processed, i already have my confirmation and baptismal certificates. the seminar’s coming up after all of that.

we already had our pre-nup during a rainy rainy weekend (thankfully the storm didn’t head for land! Thank you Lord!) and have most of the preps down pat. but i can’t stop myself from thinking how close the day is and i feel like there’s still so much work that needs to be done!

i guess i just need to pull myself together and take it slow a little bit. get composed and put my mind into a calmer state.

breathe in. breathe out. relax…