when has ‘good’ become bad?

i really think there’s something wrong with society today. (naku, serious topic na naman! wag na ituloy ang pagbabasa! :P)

pauwi ako from a dinner date with A and i took the bus since the MRT was practically always full at this time. at the same time, mas konti ang pagod sa paglalakad at paglipat ng sasakyan. if i had to go down at MRT Quezon Ave, sasakay pa ako ng jeep pa-Fairview at bababa ng PHILCOA. kung bus sasakyan ko, traffic nga minsan pero at least pagbaba ko, PHILCOA na agad.

anyway, i took the bus na nga. sa bandang likod na ako naupo and dun sa pang-dalawahan lang na upuan. ayoko dun sa tatluhan kasi pag naipit ako sa gitna, mahirap na lumabas. mas malala kung sa dulo pa ako tapos eh didiretso pa ng Fairview yung 2 katabi ko. so doon na lang ako umupo katabi ni lola. well, she’s not really a “lola” in the typical 80+, white hair, false/no teeth, amoy-lupa kind (yeah. i’m evil!!!). she’s the early-stage lola, i think. naka-uniform pa nga yata siya underneath her dark but glittery balabal. alam mo naman mga matatanda, lamigin. she had wrinkles on her face pero not as deep. she looked like she had make-up on that was worn the whole day so it was kind of faded.

she had her arms wrapped around her hand bag, covering both her arms and the bag with her shawl and her head kept bobbing up and down as the bus plied the route on EDSA. i thought to offer my arm or shoulder for her to lean on, until PHILCOA at least, so she could get some decent sleep out of the journey. but i stopped myself and thought about that and all the other things i know… why do people almost always immediately think you’re going to take advantage of them when you’re being nice? and why do people who want to do good, for free, often get ridiculed and judged because of their naïveté? (did i get the use for naïveté right?)

bakit ganun?


One thought on “when has ‘good’ become bad?”

  1. We can’t blame them, they are after all, like us, just being protective. sometimes, ako, ganyan din, it may be a bad thing to think wrongly of others, but we have to be careful, we always have to be careful.

    that’s the sad part for me. we can’t seem to trust people anymore. 😦 wala lang. drama ko sa buhay. 😛 haha!

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