what i should’ve posted last week

i guess this will be part of my prayers for this Holy Week.

Noynoy has spoken — that because we are in a democracy and not all people are Catholic in this country — he seeks to eliminate or reduce poverty by supporting the Reproductive Health (RH)/Responsible Parenthood (RP) bill.

What ever happened to “Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap.”? During his campaign, he mentions corruption as the source of poverty. and as the slogan implies, by eliminating corruption, we will eliminate poverty. so why the change of tune? is it because he cannot eradicate corruption? is it because he is actually a part of the system of corruption? now he is focusing on the population because it’s easier to coax them into having fewer children?

to the proponents who say that women have the right to their bodies and well-being, hence para hindi ka magmukhang losyang, control the population by avoiding getting pregnant. i see nothing wrong with that. but how do you avoid getting pregnant? you choose the easy route by using contraception. what if the contraceptive method fails? since the premise is “i’m in-charge of my body”, then it means you can decide if you should have this child or not. that is why the contraceptive mentality will always lead to death.

the Church does not say, “go ahead. have sex everyday so you can make more babies for us to baptize, confirm, wed, etc.” the Church is teaching its people how to be mature. how to be really responsible. learn when to say “no” to your partner. learn to understand your partner’s “no” to having sex at this time of the month. you learn mutual respect. and even if you both have the urge and agree to engage in intercourse, you become open to each other and to the possibility of life — a gift from God! that should always be a conscious part of you — always being responsible!

As the late Pope John Paul II mentioned:

Unfortunately, Catholic thought is often misunderstood … as if the Church supported an ideology of fertility at all costs, urging married couples to procreate indiscriminately and without thought for the future. But one need only study the pronouncements of the Magisterium to know that this is not so. Truly, in begetting life the spouses fulfill one of the highest dimensions of their calling: they are God’s co-workers. Precisely for this reason they must have an extremely responsible attitude. In deciding whether or not to have a child, they must not be motivated by selfishness or carelessness, but by a prudent, conscious generosity that weighs the possibilities and circumstances, and especially gives priority to the welfare of the unborn child. Therefore, when there is a reason not to procreate, this choice is permissible and may even be necessary. However, there remains the duty of carrying it out with criteria and methods that respect the total truth of the marital act in its unitive and procreative dimension, as wisely regulated by nature itself in its biological rhythms. One can comply with them and use them to advantage, but they cannot be “violated” by artificial interference.

that’s one reason why i can’t believe these people who say that the Catholic Church wants people to have more babies to generate more “income” for the Church.

it is really sad when people i know on facebook seem to challenge the Church. statements like “excommunicate me!” or something that talks about the CBCP as just another bunch of old conservative men or the “Damaso” incident i feel deeply hurt. hurt because it is true — not many Catholics know the real Catholicism. yes they attend mass on Sunday but do they know what happens during mass? they receive communion but do they know what the communion is? who are they receiving in communion? i guess that is why they take excommunication so lightly. just like our president.

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