peryahan tour

there are only 2 points of convergence during our barangay fiesta: first is the church where we celebrate mass in honor of our patron, St. Vincent Ferrer; and second — the perya or local circus.

St. Vincent Ferrer’s feast day this year falls on a Tuesday, a weekday. so kinailangan ko pang umuwi. funny nga eh… lumuwas ako Monday morning from pampanga, then left Tuesday lunchtime and went back again to work Wednesday early morning. gumastos lang ako! 😛

sunday evening before the fiesta, nag-aya sina Ate Amy na dalhin sa perya ang mga pamangkin ko. actually yung isa lang. pero imposibleng yung isa lang ang sasama na hindi iiyak yung isa pa! ayaw naman ipa-sama yung isa kasi nga walang magbabantay. being the kunsintidor uncle, i volunteered to chaperone and lugged the camera along to practice. heheh!

new lessons learned: mahirap magbantay at magkarga ng batang maliit at magkuha ng litrato! ngawit na kamay mo kaka-karga tapos pag kukuha ka na ng picture, it’s going to be blurred dahil sa shaky arms. and it pays to have a tripod. well, unless you’re a bit self-conscious. i already got stares from taking pictures ng walang tripod eh! i’m sure nasa utak ng mga nakakakita saken, “turista ba ‘to at ngayon lang nakakita ng perya? kuha ng kuha ng litrato!” pero pag tinutok mo naman yung camera, they’ll pose with the now-signature manny villar-cum-mr. pogi pose. hahaha!

the first thing we did (well, actually i didn’t do much except wait for them to finish their rides and carry my niece around the fair grounds) was take them to the kalesa carousel. ride was P15 each.

first stop: 'carousel'

after taking a picture on the carousel, i had the chance to go around. konting pasyal lang kasi di ko naman alam baka biglang matapos na sila. by the way, the two people with my nieces are ate amy and her son, angelo. 🙂

i saw one of the essentials in a perya — the horror train. nakakatuwa nga isipin na on the outside, the ticket booth is so festive, you wouldn’t think na horror ride ang sasakyan mo. or is it because hindi naman talaga nakakatakot yung ride? or is it for marketing purposes? because if you already scare people away from getting inside the train, then hindi ka kikita! or masakit lang talaga ulo ko at kailangan ko pang isipin yung ganoong bagay? LOL

festive horror train

in the previous peryas i have seen throughout my childhood, usually may tsubibo/Ferris wheel pa at octopus. maybe for safety reasons or this particular perya that went to our town wasn’t as ‘big-time’ as those that came to our barangay previously, there were only three rides, those mentioned above and the caterpillar which is essentially the same as the kalesa ride but has undulating tracks and lower carts. think low-budget roller coaster.

but i think the whole perya earns its keep from the sugal booths. there’s one where you toss coins into small squares. if your coin is completely inside the box, you get a prize. the smaller the box, the bigger the prize you get. there’s a giant ‘wheel of fortune’ where you can win a whole range of prizes: from small packets of snacks, crackers, to kitchen implements and plates to a pail or hamper! the emcee for this game was the liveliest and the most entertaining. 🙂

the other booth used a ball or dice where people bet on which color or number/card would win. i think the rules here are triple or quadruple your money each time you win. ate amy told me that one evening, they were able to “tip the boat empty” (how do you translate ‘taob ang bangka’ into english? ahaha). basta, yun na yun! while angelo entertained himself with these kinds of games, ate amy and i, being the ones in-charge of the kiddos, sat down in the bingo booth. naaliw lang din ako kasi i could shoot my pamangkins and make up stories! haha!

bata palang, sugarol na!

i was a kind of practical kid years ago… i didn’t go to the perya for sugal or even food. i went there for the rides that i couldn’t experience on any other time of the year. but i guess being a child also makes you see things in just one way. yun lang kasi gusto ko so yun lang ang nakikita ko. now that i’m a bit older, i think that the perya experience isn’t complete without the “dirty” street food, the noise, the gambling (for fun, of course). if it were just about the rides, it wouldn’t be as enjoyable. after years of not going, i somehow ‘get’ what the perya experience really is. it’s a good thing it’s not too late to be a child again. 🙂

the local fair

master of ceremonies somebody won already? how to win competition i want an N! hey, where's my chalk?
a ball! a ball! what color now? waiting for the next ride pick a prize lemme see young and old alike

3 na mga thought (isipan) sa “peryahan tour”

  1. To be honest with you, I have not brought my kids here yet, i dunno why but the idea strikes to me as off.

    hmmm… well, i can say that the perya here in manila (not the ‘branded’ ones e.g. Fiesta Carnival, Aliwan, Boom na Boom, etc.) is very different from the ones in the province. and maybe it’s just because i grew up with the perya din. 🙂

  2. I also grew up with perya! Hanggang highschool yata. Sumakay kami sa caterpillar (mini roller coaster) na bulok na at naglaro ako ng color game at nananalo naman ako. LOL. Naalala ko nung nasa gradeschool ako na may meron pang booth na kunyari eh cannibal, may sirena, etc. Hahaha, those were the days.

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