boid eggs

boid eggs by bursky
boid eggs, a photo by bursky on Flickr.

i found these underneath the water tank we have on our roof deck by accident. sometimes, when stress overwhelms, i go to the office roof deck to breathe in some (fresh? *cough, cough*) air. i was startled when a bird suddenly flew from underneath the water tank. i thought nothing of it at first but it happened a second time and i just thought to investigate. and surprise, surprise! easter came a bit early! LOL a little Google didn’t help much because i didn’t really get a good look at the bird that flew away. all i know it was brown and had a rather long tail.

an old “Ateneo Bird Report” document mentioned some of the birds surrounding the office so i tried Google-ing for some pics of their eggs. the closest i got to the description and pictures of the eggs would be the Pied Fantail. i hope i’m correct. any ornithologists around that could help? 😀

speckled eggs