clouds 1

i did a series on cars and car logos. then last weekend, i looked up and saw a pretty sight which we usually ignore because they have always been there. they aren’t really surprising to see.


yep, we see them everyday, sometimes scattered, sometimes fluffy, sometimes dark and sometimes they aren’t there and all you see is blue sky. but last weekend, i looked up and saw such a pretty “show” of clouds. perhaps this should just be some passing documentation of the types of clouds i can identify. 🙂

anyway, here are pictures of altocumulus clouds. when you see these, it means you shouldn’t forget to bring your umbrella because rain might come later in the day. since i lived nearby, i needn’t bring an umbrella. i just had more cloud-watching thoughts and adventures in the future in mind.

4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “clouds 1”

  1. Nice shots! I always refer to the face of the clouds to guess if it’s going to be winter or a sandstorm is coming.

    iba ba pag sandstorm? na-curious tuloy ako. have you posted those dati sa blog mo? naalala ko lang eh yung sandstorm na mismo eh. or was that Ibyang who posted? ahaha! na-confuse?

  2. Nice clouds.

    When I was a kid, I always see different forms and shapes from the clouds. YUng mga playmates ko hindi nila makita, kaya feeling ko nung bata ako, gifted ako hahaha.

    hahaha! gifted talaga! LOL… masaya naman tumingin ng clouds eh… let your imagination run wild. 🙂

  3. hello, there.

    isa rin ito sa paborito naming gawin noong mga bata kami – humiga sa damuhan at manood ng clouds. ang payapa pero ang saya ng experience!

    btw, ang gaganda nitong pics. 🙂

    salamat sa pag-appreciate ng pictures! 🙂

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