showing off

i never was a show-off of my own things. i like to keep things private… since childhood, i always thought showing-off was a sign of insecurity and pride at the same time. it was meant to look down on mere mortals because you are ‘greater’ than they are.

this time, i’m going to show-off something only because i am truly appreciative of what i have and who have conspired to give it to me. πŸ™‚

i’m now a proud owner of a Canon PowerShot S95! (woot) thanks to my two officemates and my fi(n)anc(i)e(r)! the story is quite long and complicated (translation: masalimuot. πŸ˜‰ ) but i finally own the camera i only dreamed of!

a bit of history, though:Β i bought a Kodak C613 way back 2008. it was actually an impulse buy motivated by things that will not be mentioned here. it cost me an arm and a leg that time since my pockets aren’t that deep and my paycheck doesn’t have as many zeros as a CEO. nevertheless i bought it to be able to document a moment that just needed to be captured… it did its job and i was quite pleased that the moment wasn’t lost without a photo.

then 3 years pass quickly and my camera is practically obsolete. nevertheless, she still takes good pictures — good enough that people would want to use pictures taken from a point-and-shoot for advertisements and promotion! (which i found out 6 months later! Β wah! :() and she’s quite useful to collect memories at home with my 2 pampumpkins (my nieces). so i gave my trusty camera away and left it at home. so here i was camera-less, pining for a new one.

and then, before you could say “GMAwasabrilliantPhilippinepresidentyeahright,” i had in my hands a Canon S95! i really think the box should come with a warning though. “Not for the faint of heart. Or who have never been flagged down by the police.” πŸ˜€

maybe i should give a rundown of the experience another time. but this camera is a keeper and it will probably last me more than 3 years of taking good photographs. all thanks to these wonderful people who want me to be a happy little ‘indian’ with a great sharp panΓ’ for his use. πŸ™‚

and now, for the showing-off part:

marikina bokeh


cup and can

9 na mga thought (isipan) sa “showing off”

  1. I wonder what model my Canon Powershot is, it was a camera given by Canon in exchange for the recalled model they had, it was good ans till take good pictures for us too, while the hubby has the DSLR, that P&S whiles my day away.

    yup yup! though di ko alam ano next step para saken nito! ahaha.. but it’s gonna be a while bago ako mag-upgrade coz i find the S95 so useful and practical. a compact body for uber nice shots. πŸ™‚

  2. Yehey! Congrats! We have the same camera. S95 is super sulit!

    weeee! i really really lurve this camera! well, except for the battery life maybe. i’m getting me a spare. tsk, gastos agad! hahaha

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