i’m sorry but i don’t get this

again, RH bill is making the rounds in news even if there are hearings on corruption and the recent death of Angelo Reyes. i really just don’t like it when they start name-calling and say hurtful words against each other… it’s also sad how people who say these hurtful words have no comprehension on the basis of what the other is saying. naiinis ako kasi i can’t do any better explaning… it’s frustrating.

with that frustation, i ended up reading on the RH bill by Cong. Lagman (HB 96). and here’s what i don’t get: Sec 22. a. 3.

SEC. 22. Prohibited Acts. -The following acts are prohibited:

a) Any healthcare service provider, whether public or private, who shall:

3. Refuse to extend health care services and information on account of the person’s marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, personal circumstances, or nature of work;  Provided, That, the conscientious objection of a healthcare service provider based on his/her ethical or  religious  beliefs shall be respected; however, the conscientious objector shall immediately refer the person seeking such care and services to another healthcare service provider within the same facility or one which is conveniently accessible;

This is the part I don’t get… you are allowed to object and refuse a person access to something you are against (by faith or ethics) and yet are required to hand him/her off to the next person whom you know will give what that person wants even if you are against it! how twisted can you get?

i find it similar to corruption. a client approaches you asking how you could get kick-back from this project of the government. but you are against corruption (by faith or ethics). and yet you are required to ask your seatmate at the office who’s fine with corruption in the government to help a client get a kick-back!

how will your conscience survive?


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