tuesday. gah!

i think i’ve said it before. tuesday is the oddest day of the week. it’s the most boring and lifeless day of the week. i could say that it’s the “rudolph” without the red nose. it’s an outcast without any redemptive characteristic — unlike many outcasts in fairy tales. the ugly duckling was a swan. rudolph had a shiny nose. even the evil witches had magic to redeem themselves for them to be able to do whatever they wish. but tuesday is just “blah”. it’s just there, wasting space on the calendar, wasting hours of work because no one can accomplish anything because we’re too excited about the weekend so we bore ourselves to death by not working (or not getting ourselves motivated to work at all) even if there’s tons to do.

mondays are remembered because it’s the day we start our slavery. i think it’s the most hated day of the week and that’s why we remember it. wednesday has a monicker — hump day! the day that you just have to inch your way through gently or as fast as you can. thursday is “almost there” day… you start planning your weekend, where to go, what movie to watch (since we change movies on thursdays), what to cook for the weekend, etc. friday is already the end of the week for most. it’s the “best day of the week”. saturday is “gimik” day and sunday is R&R-slash-family day. tuesday is irrelevant.

shouldn’t we just declare tuesday a regular holiday? para naman may role siya sa buhay naten. wala lang.

and, yes, it’s a tuesday today in case you’re wondering…


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