ewan ko ba. di naman talaga ako mahilig sa horror movies. i never liked being scared in my seat in cinemas but so far, two of the latest movies i want to watch are sort of horror/suspense related.

first, The Rite starring Anthony Hopkins. i’ve loved him in Silence of the Lambs and he is such a powerful actor. ewan ko ba. mahirap i-describe… parang nahi-hypnotize ka niya eh. anyway, the story is there is supposedly an increasing demand for exorcists around the world. The Vatican called on all the different countries to send students for training. grabe yung portrayal nila ng classroom sa Vatican. it’s a kick-a$$ room with interactive touchscreens!

one person sent was deacon michael. he was a skeptic about exorcism because he lost his faith and is sent to fr. lucas (hopkins), an experienced exorcist and fr. lucas guides him into actual exorcisms.

and the second movie is… ZOMBADINGS!!! subtitled “patayin sa shokot si remington” hahaha… i mean how can you take this as a serious horror movie? even the trailer is hilarious!

diba diba diba? anyway, bukod sa Tangled, these are the next movies on my list… ang tanong lang: magkaka-pera ba ako soon para makapanood? ahehe…


2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “zombadings!!!”

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