how to enjoy the Starbucks holiday drinks… my way.

in the philippines, everyone’s going ga-ga over the 2011 Starbucks planner again. and to get this “prize”, you’ll have to spend probably around Php 2,000.00 on coffee and drinks from Starbucks. this might be easy enough for those who regularly visit the coffee shop but a tad bit difficult for non-regulars like me. so i might as well make the most out of the visit and enjoy the coffee experience. besides, the ‘prize’ won’t go to me after i’ve filled-in the sticker card! 😉

the sticker card requires you to collect 17 stickers: 9 holiday drinks and 8 drinks of your choice. if you already have a favorite drink in starbucks, chances are you’ve filled up the 8 random drinks quickly. the 9 are a bit more difficult to collect because you probably don’t like them or are unwilling to explore. or maybe you’ve had one of each (so that’s 3 stickers) but couldn’t bear any of them so you’re scared of buying them again and have them either hot or iced. well, i’m here to say how i enjoy these 3 holiday choices from starbucks.

first, since you’re paying for premium coffee, and part of the coffee experience is the ambience, i would recommend that you stay inside the coffee shop. i prefer early morning over after-work hours. coffee is supposed to get you going, not make you an insomniac and tambay until midnight.

second, i’d like to remind you that you can modify the 3 holiday drinks. you don’t have to take them as-is. and you can have them either hot, iced, or blended. so, how to enjoy Praline Mocha? i prefer this to be blended. this is the relatively bitter and least favorite based on people i know. the blended ice slightly numbs your mouth from the bitter taste but always ask for a cup of water if you don’t like the aftertaste when you’re done with the frapuccino.

next, Toffee Nut Latte. this is the most palatable (read: sweet) to Pinoys IMO. so it’s essentially coffee with milk and some flavoring. so actually, you can have this either hot, iced, or blended and it wouldn’t probably matter. but my preference would be iced, no whip, and with an extra shot of espresso. it really hits the spot every morning. 🙂

finally, Peppermint Mocha. this one i like most hot. grande. venti if i could afford it or if my tummy would allow it! LOL… this is the most “Christmas-y” because of the peppermint. and when i take it hot but feel the cool peppermint when i inhale, it gives so much comfort. it’s like everything is OK. everything’s fine. you can still have the blended but i don’t like it. the cold drink plus the menthol-y peppermint don’t go down my throat well. in tagalog, gumuguhit. and it kinda hurts so i don’t like it that way. i prefer the swabeng hagod when it’s hot. lol

anyway, that’s how i got my 7 stickers (so far) on the 9-sticker holiday drinks side. how do you enjoy collecting your Starbucks stickers?


4 na mga thought (isipan) sa “how to enjoy the Starbucks holiday drinks… my way.”

  1. i just like their toffe nut latte. prefer coffee than mocha. and when i order light lang. pag frap, alam na ng barista na icy and no foam. hehehe

    wow! so suki ka na nila talaga and alam na nila gusto mo! 🙂 ayoko naman kasi i-ulit-ulit lang yung isa o dalawa. so might as well enjoy them since ino-offer sila. 🙂 good luck din sa pagko-collect!

  2. sorry, i can’t afford to collect all those 17 stickers. besides, hindi naman talaga ako mahilig sa starbucks coffee, ok na ako sa nescafe. hehehe.

    anyway, goodluck and sana mabuo mo yan soon.

    mahal talaga kung mahal. nakakahinayang din talaga pero sinusulit ko na lang yung experience. 😀 hehe… eversince i had my brewed coffee dito sa office and mga officemates din na adik sa kape, nescafe has almost always ended up with a “meh!” reaction from me. LOL… lume-level up na? hahaha… pero pag nasa bahay lang naman ako, nescafe pa din naman yung iniinom ko. tinatapangan ko na lang para may sipa agad. LOL


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