1 cowpower vehicle!

too bad i only got to grab my cellphone and not my digital camera when i was already at the overpass!

when i got off the jeep in front of NBS/Mushroomburger along katipunan, this karitela greeted me with the beautiful cow! (yep, kinikindat-kindat-an nga ako nung baka eh! LOL)

i miss those thingies… (what are they called again? i think karitela is not the real term). in the city, they seem out of place with the different vehicles zooming along the road. and the cows don’t mind. it kinda reminded me how to take things slowly nowadays. not to be bothered by everyone going and zooming and flying everywhere and just sit back a little, recline and appreciate the slow-paced, patient life.


update: i asked my dad. it’s a “gareta”!!!


3 na mga thought (isipan) sa “1 cowpower vehicle!”

  1. nung bata pa ako at sa bataan pa nakatira, may dumadaan na ganyan sa village namin, sa suburbs naman kami nakatira ha. at lagi ko pinipilit ang parents ko na ibili ako ng kahit ano from the sari-sari-cow. haha, sorry yyan ang tawag ko dyan eh. :p

    nice blog! 😀

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